Glass Knobs

Crystal cut glass knobs for classy and stylish fittings to any cabinet or cupboard. These are the highest quality glass knobs we could find anywhere. No imitation or plastic of any kind just solid reliable quality

Quick Tips & Links

Glass knobs vary in size for different types of cupboards and cabinets.

How are cupboard knobs fitted?

It's usually just one screw thread (provided) that screws into the back of the knob through a clearance hole in the drawer, cupboard or door. The fitting is usually an M4 (4mm) screw.

Can I get different sizes of the same knob design?

In a lot of cases you can choose from a selection of sizes at the point of order. A lot of customers will use the same design around the house but for different applications like bedroom, kitchen etc.

Will these knobs fit interior doors?

These knobs are only made for cupboards so have no spindle hole to operate the door latch. They can be used on understairs cupboard doors and such like with a roller catch but other than that it wouldn't be the right application.

What level of quality can I expect?

These are high quality door knobs, and in fact some of the products like the crystal cut glass door knobs are another level above that. All our products are sourced from UK manufacturers who may import from foreign factories but they are their own designs and quality controlled for the UK market. We don't sell any plastic based cupboard knobs only base-metal items.

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