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UPVC Door Handles with a Snib - FAQ's

What is a uPVC door handle with a snib?

Some of the older upvc door handles were made with a snib function which is similar to the old Yale night-latches where the turning of the knob would hold the lock open. This is particularly useful if you are going outside for a short time and need to keep the door on latch. Only a few door handle manufacturers used this function with their lock and the only snibbed handles that are still made are few and far between. The handles shown on our website with a snib are all made by Fullex and used on the 68mm pz handles (pz meaning the size between the centre of the lever and the centre of the key-hole).

My existing handle has a round button and yours is on the side of the handle?

As long as the screw positions, key-hole and levers line up correctly and your handle has a snib then the new design with the rocker snib at the side of the handle can still be used. The spindle is still in the correct place so will just operate from the side as opposed to the front of the plate.

How does the snib operate?

The snibs we provide with our 68mm pz handles are all self-assembly and contain a 4mm spindle. This 4mm spindle lines up with the spindle hole in the lock case. The two plastic mouldings must be pressed together and then pushed into the back of the backplate where the two lugs exist. This ensures the snib is located in the correct place.

The spindle you have provided for the snib is too short?

This can be the case in some instances but the spindle we provide, which is fitted to the rocker, can be pulled out and the old one inserted. This should then overcome the problem.

Can the snib be located on the other side of the plate?

The snib is located on one side only and shouldn't cause any problems which ever side it is located.

Can I change from a snib handle to one without a snib?

Yes you can do that and many customers go down this route. The non-snib handles are usually cheaper and easier to replace and if you don't use the snib then it is not a problem to just fit the standard backplate.You will see the corresponding non-snib handle under the Related Products section of each handle.

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