upvc door handles with a snib

These handles are known as door handles with a snib' target='_self' >upvc door handles with a snib and all have a special snib button towards the top of the handle which allows you to lock the door open - ideal when going into the garden! You can only use these handles if your door lock has the lock functionality but equally if you don't use the function then you can also replace the handle with a 'snibless' version if that is still available. We've got plenty of other upvc front door handles too if these aren't the ones you need!

Snib door handles were all the rage during the early years of double glazed doors when the pvc market tried to replicate the old fashioned night latch feature which you will still find on timber doors with a rim cylinder.

Fullex Door Handle With Snib

Fullex is a brand steeped in tradition and excellent lock manufacturing over the years and it is here that the first door handles with a snib' target='_self' >upvc door handles with a snib first started their life. Fullex became famous not only for its snib handles and locks but also for being the only manufacturer of 68pz upvc door handles in the UK, and that was the case for many decades. The term 68pz refers to the size between the lock centre and the lever or spindle centre and means 68mm to you and I. Several Fullex door handles still exist, and you will find them on this site, and this is largely because the locks have outlasted the handles which is testimony to the quality of the Fullex lock.

The Fullex upvc door handles with a snib have changed their design over the years to keep up with modern tastes and so we can feel privileged to still retain some excellent handles, all be it a much smaller range to choose from. The snib button is one very different change and this sometimes confuses customers as to whether the latest Fullex snib handles can actually replace the old ones as the old snib handles had a round turn button on the face of the backplate. The new Fullex handles have a button to the side which is more discrete and acts like a switch which rocks upwards and downwards. This movement turns the spindle for the snib latch, which is still centrally located as the old one, and this then operates the latch lock. The new snib latch can be seen on a video we have prepared how to fit upvc door handles with a snib so you can see how it is assembled and how the Fullex snib 68PZ door handle actually operates. This handle on the face of it seems more complicated than many other upvc door handles which are on the market these days but the Fullex door handle is unique so it is easier to track down, but if you do run into problems just touch base with our Technical Support team who will help you through the answers to many questions about upvc door handles with a snib.

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These upvc door handles all have a snib for holding the door open.

What are snib latch door handles?

Fullex snib latchA snib latch door handle is made with a snib turning button which is similar to the old Yale nightlatches. Turning the knob would hold the lock open. This is particularly useful if you are going outside for a short time and need to keep the door on latch. Only a few door handle manufacturers used this function with their lock so they are few and far between. These upvc door handles with a snib were made by Fullex and used on the 68pz upvc door handles (pz meaning the size between the centre of the lever and the centre of the key-hole).

My existing snib latch door handles have a round button and yours has a rocker button on the side?

New Fullex snib latchAs long as the screw positions, key-hole and levers line up correctly and your handle has a snib then the new design with the rocker snib at the side of the handle can still be used. The spindle is still in the correct place so will operate as needed. The older round button snib is still available on some models like the D74 Fullex Snib Door Handle. Remember your lock must have this provision for a snib latch.

How does a snib lock operate?

When you open the door hold the handle down and turn the snib latch. The latch of the door will stay inside the door and the door will not lock until you unset the button again.

The spindle you have provided for the snib is too short?

If your spindle is too short then reuse the existing spindle in the new handle. This should then overcome the problem.

Can the snib be located on the other side of the plate?

In the case of the rocker side-snib this is located on one side only and shouldn't cause any problems which ever side it is located. The button type on the front faceplate is in the middle like the older snib latch door handles.

Can I change from a snib handle to one without a snib?

Yes you can do that and many customers go down this route. The non-snib handles are usually cheaper and easier to replace. If you don't use the snib then it is not a problem to just fit the standard upvc door handles. You will see the corresponding non-snib handle under the Related Products section of each handle. Alternatively use our guide How To Measure uPVC Door Handles.

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