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uPVC Security Door Handles

Anti Snap upvc security door handles are a must these days. Protect your cylinder door lock with these Police approved security door handles. One of the easiest ways to compromise a upvc door is to snap or break the upvc door handles, which then leaves the cylinder lock open to lock snapping. Entry can be less than a minute. These handles can be used as replacements for your existing upvc handles provided the positions for the screw holes, levers and keyhole match, so check carefully. All of these handle sets are tested to achieve 2 stars in the British Standard security test. 2 stars means it is secured to protect your cylinder from lock snapping. The full security test is for 3 stars so to maximise your protection use a 1 star door lock or a 3 star door lock. 1 star locks are tested for lock bumping whereas a 3 star lock is tested for lock snapping and lock bumping.

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  • These security door handles are found on upvc doors. Check the position of the levers, key-hole and screws for replacement.


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