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upvc security door handles

Anti Snap upvc security door handles are a must these days. Protect your cylinder door lock with these Police approved security door handles. One of the easiest ways to compromise a upvc door is to snap or break the upvc door handles, which then leaves the cylinder lock open to lock snapping. Entry can be less than a minute. These handles can be used as replacements for your existing upvc handles provided the positions for the screw holes, levers and keyhole match, so check carefully. All of these handle sets are tested to achieve 2 stars in the British Standard security test. 2 stars means it is secured to protect your cylinder from lock snapping. The full security test is for 3 stars so to maximise your protection use a 1 star door lock or a 3 star door lock. 1 star locks are tested for lock bumping whereas a 3 star lock is tested for lock snapping and lock bumping.

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These security door handles are found on upvc doors. Check the position of the levers, key-hole and screws for replacement.

What are security door handles?

These are a fairly recent innovation found in some residential door applications and largely the result of much publicity given to the burglary technique known as lock snapping. Conventional upvc door handles can be broken fairly easily so new designs of handles have been designed to counteract this. These door handles have been produced to achieve the 2 star rating for security as required by TS007.

How do these handles stop lock-snapping?

Security door handles have been designed in several ways to counteract access to the cylinder. The cylinder is the weakest part and if the door handle can be removed then it can be easy to snap the lock in the middle. A special tool is then used to wind back the locks around the door for access. The manufacturer of these handles, such as Mila or Hoppe, have incorporated several important features within the design and most notably:

  1. Cylinder guard to cover the end of the cylinder.
  2. Thicker external outer plate to stop the plate being broken.
  3. Chamfered edge to the design of the handle backplate to stop mole grips clamping to the handle.
  4. The use of larger screws and even hardened screw bolts to stop the handle being pulled off the door via the screws.

Security Door Handles Are Not Available For All Locks

The security handles we show on the HandleStore website will only fit certain types of locks so check carefully the sizes you need via this guide How To Measure uPVC Door Handles. If your sizes are not the same as the security handles shown then you cannot use them.

Most upvc door handle manufacturers only produce handles for the latest and most standard size locks. Therefore many of the locks found in the replacement market will not be able to use security handles. In this case seek further advice on how to strengthen the lock cylinder from lock snapping and lock bumping and at least look towards a 3 star anti snap lock that will offer more protection.

Why will the handles only fit certain sizes of door thickness?

If you intend on using the Hoppe security handle then this has a pin bolt which is made to a certain length. This will ensure sufficient thread is used to secure the handles to the door. The 44mm, 60mm and 70mm door sizes are seen as the most popular. If there is more than a couple of millimetre difference to these sizes the Hoppe security handles cannot be used. You might want to consider the DS171 and DS163 handles from a different manufacturer if that is the case. Please review the latest upvc security door handles range.

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