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GV3000-SET Trickle Vents

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  • Replacement 3000 free air trickle vent set includes internal vent, external canopy, screws and screw caps.
  • Can be fully open or fully closed using a front faced control finger switch for downward air venting. 
  • Suitable for all casement window types like upvc, timber and aluminium.
  • How to fit trickle vents - a short guide.
  • Made from upvc moulded thermoplastic.
  • 305mm length and fixing centres of 285mm.
  • Achieves an EA rating of 2500 (4200 Free air) with a 16mm slot and 1800 (3000 Free air) with a 12.5mm slot.
  • Available in white, tan and dark brown colours.

Whether you are replacing trickle vents or taking the step to install them from new then these Window Vents are ideal for controlling air quality. Customers love these popular air vents as they are so easy to fit requiring only a couple of self-tapping screw holes and are so easy to control in use. The front faced finger switch is an easy on/off motion to open or close the vent. So if you are looking for a bit more air at night or trying to reduce the condensation then these trickle vents are a step forward.

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