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WL06 uPVC Window and Door Jammer

From £4.33
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  • Window and door jammer lock for extra security.
  • Easy to use - just swing out of the way when not in use.
  • Ideal for when going on holidays or away from the house.
  • Easy to fit and supplied with all the parts needed.
  • Now used for door security.
  • Key locking sash jammer now available.
  • Provided with special screws for upvc frames in two sizes.
  • Cover caps finish off the look of the lock.
  • Spacers provided to get a closer fitting with minimal clearance between frames.

Details About The WL06 Window and Door Sash Jammers

These simple devices provides a secondary lock that can rest on the window opening sash or the door frame. It works by simpling swinging the arm across the sash. Customers typically use them when they are out of the house, in the case of windows, or during night time hours when they are in the house. Having mostly been used on windows it is now a popular product for use on doors but only when inside the house. These can add extra protection should your door or door locks be compromised. If you are looking for better door locks please consider using the 3 star anti snap locks in the first instance.

Fixing is easy enough using the self tapping uPVC screws provided. The sash arm can be adjusted to reduce the gap between the underside of the arm and the frame or sash by using the push-in packers but there is no need for them to be tight and some clearance is fine. The screws are very important and the ones we provide with this product are special upvc threads and supplied in two lengths. Please take care to observe the best depth of screw to use to ensure that there is no interference with the glass units. Depending on the size of the window or door you may feel that two sash jammers could be used on the same window or door. In the case of doors why not consider using the push button locking sash jammer. These would avoid any manipulation through letterboxes.

Christmas Delivery: Our dispatch dates continue upto 2pm on Thursday 23rd December. We will also be dispatching on Thursday 30th December to help with orders placed through Xmas, and then from Tuesday 4th January 2022.

European Deliveries are currently suspended.

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