upvc french door handles

uPVC French Door Handles without key-holes! These handles are found in various configurations on french doors or conservatory double doors. The slave door may have a lock on one side or no locks at all and this range gives you the options to replace the handles accordingly. If you have conservatory doors you will need the locking upvc door handles too! If you are trying to find a handle for a sliding exterior door then you will need to review our patio door handle range.

Types of uPVC French Door Handles

Upvc type french doors are made up of a main door and a slave door. The slave door is only used when both doors are required to be open so will usually remain closed and locked. It can be locked with a euro lock and/or a flush bolt lock fixed to the side of the door which locks up into the head of the frame. This lock is concealed from view when the door is closed. The main locking door is usually a standard type of lever handle with a keyhole both sides of the door (lever lever upvc door handles). Both doors will most likely have a multi-point lock around the perimeter of each door which will work with the handle operation (if a handle exists on the slave door). The slave door usually has an extra frame section on the side of the door which allows the main door to close and lock. This frame section can be easily removed if you need to get at the euro cylinder on the slave half of the double door.

The following french door handle configurations are known for the slave door:

  • Lever and lock both sides.
  • Lever on both sides - no locks either side. 
  • Lever & lock on the inside, lever and no lock on the outside.
  • Lever & lock on the inside, no lever or lock on the outside (blind backplate).

As many door manufacturers have made security a priority over the years you are likely to see a backplate only on the outside of the slave door side without a lever or lock. This makes it harder to find the older configurations of upvc French Door Handles, as listed above, and if this is the case with your door then your best option is to contact a local double glazing repairs company to see how this can be tackled.

Quick Tips & Links

These upvc door handles are typically found on conservatory double doors where one side has no key-hole.

How do I find the correct replacement french door handles for my upvc conservatory?

French door handles are found on double doors like in conservatories or patio areas. The handles themselves  can be very tricky to replace. In the first instance you need to find the correct upvc door handles for the main door and then look for the slave door version (if available).

To help you find the correct main door handle use this guide on how to measure upvc door handles. When reviewing the upvc handle check the Related Products section within the details page to see if a slave door handle is available. If not contact us for further guidance.

What are the different types of upvc double door handles?

There are several different types of door handles to be found on upvc double doors. The types we have available are shown on our french door handles page. Here are 3 common types you can expect to find.

French door handle with blank outer plate.

French door handle using a blank plate on the outside.

French door handles without key holes.

French door handle with no key-holes.

French door handles with key hole one side only.

French door handles with key-hole one side only.



Can the upvc french door handle be used on timber doors?

They can be used on any type of door provided you have a multi-point lock and a cylinder. If you have a mortice lock then you will need a rebated lock on the slave door and these are very different locks but still available.

Can I change the slave door lock to one without a lock on the outside?

It's possible to do this if you can find a handle to fit your lock in the first instance. You would then need to use a half cylinder lock so that you can still lock the slave door from the inside.

Troubleshooting Tips for uPVC French Door Handles

Can I use these handles on a wooden french door?

You can only use them if you have a multi-point lock mechanism as found typically on a upvc door. You also then need to ensure that you can find the correct handle to fit.

I can't find the handle variant I need?

It has to be said that upvc door handles for french doors are declining in use as new double doors are made with a much simpler design, where both the lever and the keyhole are omitted from the backplate for reasons of security. Your only alternative may be to contact a local double glazing repairs company.