In the UK, there have been various types of window handles used in homes over the past few decades. Here are some common types:

Casement Window Handles

These are typically found on side-hinged timber windows that open outward. They can have different styles and mechanisms, such as espag handles or cockspur handles.

locking casement fastener locking casement fastener

Casement Fasteners

timber window handles timber window handles

Cockspur window latches

sash window locks

Commonly found on sliding sash windows, these sash window locks are used to pull in and lock the vertically sliding window panes.

sash window locks sash window locks

uPVC Sash Window Locks

locking brighton fastener locking brighton fastener

Brighton Fastener

sash window furniture sash window furniture

Sash Window Pull

Tilt and Turn Window Handles

These two action windows are easily identified by the fact the handle and hinge system can open the window in two different directions, but in both cases they open inside the room.

Hoppe Tokyo tilt and Turn Window Handle Hoppe Tokyo tilt and Turn Window Handle

Hoppe Tilt and Turn Handles

Tilt and Turn Window Handles Tilt and Turn Window Handles

Tilt Turn Handles Have a 7mm Spindle

Tilt and Turn Window Handles Tilt and Turn Window Handles

Tilt and Turn Handles with Safety Lock

uPVC window handles

uPVC Windows prevail amongst the majority of UK housing stock and this has led to a lot of innovation for the Window Handles and Window Locks being used. You will typically find that the vast majorityof handles these days are espag handles: handles with a 7mm spindle that drives a multi-point lock around the window. Prior to this was the use of cockspur handles and here the handle is designed with a nose that Locks against a wedge.

espag window handles espag window handles

Espag Window Handles have a 7mm square spindle that protrudes from the back of the window by varying lengths depending on the window design and thickness. This is the most common type of upvc window handles. Just about all espag window handles incorporate key locking and push button operatuion.

cockspur window handles cockspur window handles

Cockspur Window Handles come in different 'step' sizes. This is the size under the nose of the handle back to the base of the handle. Typically upvc windows use a 21mm size and aluminium windows a 9mm size, but they can vary particularly for upvc frames.

window handle for blinds window handle for blinds

uPVC Window Handles For Blinds. This latest innovation allows most blinds and shutters to fit over the handle without any interference. Better known as a slimline handle this window handle for blinds is only 30mm deep and will replace all other espag handles.

Here are the typical questions we get asked a lot:

Are window handles a standard size?

Window handles do not have a universal standard size. Sizes can vary, so it's important to measure and choose handles that fit the specific type and brand of window. On this website you will always be prompted to select a size before ordering which is the best way to stop and check. To measure a uPVC window handle, you typically measure the distance between the screw fixing points and the spindle length if it's an espag handle.

Can you replace window handles yourself?

Yes, you can replace window handles yourself. However, it's crucial to ensure that the replacement handles are compatible with your windows - read the guides! While it is possible for homeowners to replace most window handles themselves, it may require some DIY skills. Alternatively, a professional can be hired for installation. When dealing with window handle replacement, it's recommended to check reputable websites or consult with a local window hardware supplier or a professional for accurate information and assistance tailored to your specific situation.

How much do window handles cost?

The cost of a new window handle can vary depending on factors like the type, material, and brand. Prices can range from a few pounds to over £20 per handle.

Can uPVC window handles be replaced?

Yes, uPVC window handles can be replaced. However, it's essential to choose handles that match the style, lock type and size of your existing uPVC windows.