Window latches for Timber Windows

Window latches for timber windows are a simple arrangement involving a latch (the handle) and a catch (the receiver). Both interlock to form a brace between the frames of the window. Fitting window latches for timber windows is fairly simple requiring no more than simple positioning on the window and fixing via self-tapping wood screws. If you are unsure about the type of window handles needed you can start your search from various other positions around the HandleStore site using the menu. If you want a quick guide to the handles we sell and their suitability to different window types then Click For Compatibility Checker

It gets a little more complicated though with different window designs from different manufacturers. Looking around different parts of the country and different house designs presents an array of intricate and narrower frame designs, all of which present their own little challenges when it comes to handles for timber windows, however, theses can be split down into several groupings.

  • Weathersealed window
  • Non-weathersealed window
  • Scotia (curved edge) frame
  • Angled frames
  • Flat frames
  • Narrow Frames

Weathersealed windows

Most modern day timber windows incorporate a weatherseal (gasket) between the opening frame and the outer frame with the purpose of reducing draughts and water ingress. The implication for window latches for wooden windows is that they need a deeper step height to overcome the thickness of the weatherseal (4-5mm) or the receiver part (catch) will overhang the weatherseal. Most traditionally styled window latches are made for a wooden window without a weatherseal and these are still very typically found across the UK. However, when introducing a weatherseal retrospectively to the timber window the same latch can't be used otherwise you will overstrain the latch against the catch. This is a big problem and window latches will ultimately fail (sooner rather than later).

When assessing which window latch is best for your window always check the detail that it is suitable for a weathersealed window or follow the table below.

Non-weathersealed windows

The array of window latches that will fit this type of wooden window is vast. A single glazed window made from wood is still popular and relies only on the two frames closing against each other for a weatherseal. When it comes to the window latch in this application there is little to worry about apart from whether there is enough room to fit the latch to the window.

Scotia (curved edge) Window Frame

Curved edge frameCurved edge frames can be found on a lot of timber window frames typically manufactured by John Carr or Jeld Wen. Where these exist there is very minimal fixing land to attach the catch to and in these cases the catch has to be designed to follow the contour of the scotia edge to ensure the latch can close correctly. These catches and this frame design is quite unique. The frame design is particularly narrow and mustn't be confused with other designs of frames with a wider land (flat section) or a stepped section.

Angled Frames

Older frames would typically be designed with a run off angle to stop water collection. This is typical on the older single glazed timber windows. To ensure the window latch can sit comfortably on an angled frame the catches have to be designed with an angled base (usually a 9 degree taper) to level the fittings when fixed in position. A lot of window latches incorporate the necessary options for both a flat catch and an angled catch to accommodate both possibilities.

Flat Frames

The opposite of the above. When the modern day double glazing frames entered the market the need for tapered or angled frames was no longer a requirement and so is eliminated from the manufacture of the window these days.

Types of Window Latches For Wooden Windows

  • Mortice Latch - Nose projects out and closes into a slot in the frame.
  • Wedge Latch - A small receiver with an angle that the latches closes over.
  • Catch Latch - The cockspur handle closes into a keeper block.

Mortice type window latches for timber windows

Mortice Type Window Latch

Wedge type window latches for timber windows

Wedge Type Window Latch

Catch block for modern window latches for timber windows

Keeper catch Window Latch

Window Latches For Wooden Windows - Compatibility Table

Use the table below to check the different criteria for each model number. To find these models just type the part number into the search tool at the top of the website or click the link.

* Denotes Check the land measurement within the details of the window latch for the minimum requirement of flat frame needed.

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Window Latches Max Compressed Weatherseal Thickness (mm) Non- Weatherseal Frame Curved Scotia Angled Frame Flat Frame Narrow Frame Flush Frames
Wedge Type Latches
W55 Not Suitable Y N Y Y Y* N
W53 Not Suitable Y N Y Y Y* N
W68 5 Y N N Y N N
W69 5 Y N N Y N N
W44 Not Suitable Y N N Y Y* N
W70 2 Y N N Y Y* N
W82 3 Y N Y Y Y* N
W95 5 Y N N Y Y* N
Catch Type
W87 3 Y N N Y Y* N
W28 2 Y N Y Y Y* N
Mortice Type
W72 3 Y N Y Y N/A Y
W59 2 Y N Y Y N/A Y
W57 2 Y N Y Y N/A Y
W75 2 Y N Y Y N/A N
W41 3 Y N Y Y N/A Y
W74 2 Y N Y Y N/A Y
W42 3 Y N Y Y N/A Y
W43 2 Y N Y Y N/A Y
W78 2 Y N Y Y N/A Y
W80 2 Y N Y Y N/A Y

Quick tip! Type the product reference into the search tool at the top of the website to see the details of each handle i.e. W55.