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uPVC Window Hinges - Standard (H01)

If you have uPVC or aluminium double glazed windows then improve or repair them with our robust quality British Standard tested uPVC window hinges. Hinges for upvc windows tend to break down over time but the good news is that you can replace them easily. Friction hinges, also known as friction stays, are found on all uPVC type double glazed windows (not casement timber windows with butt hinges). These hinges have stainless steel strengthened black end caps but if you prefer you can also find grey end cap hinges for double glazing too on our website. To replace your existing UPVC window hinges follow these simple steps:

How to find the correct upvc window hinge

STEP 1: Check the overall width of the hinge track (18mm for the H01).

STEP 2: Check the hinge track length (you can use slightly longer hinges as long as they fit inside the window).

STEP 3: Confirm the orientation of the window (side hung or top hung). A top hung hinge is fitted to the sides of the window (handle at the bottom) and a side hung hinge is fitted to the top and bottom of the window(handle to the side).

The above is a quick guide but if you want a little more detail then follow this superb guide on how to replace upvc window hinges.

Quick Tips & Links
  • These hinges replace most upvc window hinges. Just measure the overall track width as 18mm and then the length.


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