It is easy to avoid repairs around the house particularly when you have never done the job before. This video shows you how to fit a upvc letterbox and it will surprise you just how easy it is. There is no reason to put the job off any longer!


The key to doing a job like this successfully lies in the preparation. Know what measurements to take, get your measurements correct and find which one of the upvc door letterboxes is best to replace it. While this video will get you there, if you prefer you can read our pictorial guide 'How To Replace a Letterbox for uPVC Door'. If any questions remain unanswered then turn to our Replacement uPVC Letterbox Q & A page.

Hopefully you will now know the obstacles, if there any, and also the tools needed to do the job. We have a secondary video for demonstrating the typical features of a standard upvc door letterbox. This may give you a little further insight before you get going.

Learning how to fit a upvc letterbox is pretty much standard. That's not to say you won't run into a few obstacles here and there. Typically this can be the fixing screw positions or the aperture cut-out tolerances that differ from old to new. Like any DIY jobs you may have to put your own signature on it. By that I mean open up the aperture in the door a little or use different fixing centres for the screws. Upvc doors are not as forgiving as wood for making mistakes. Then if you plan carefully and check everything out beforehand there can't be much to go wrong.

If you want to find your way to the product we used in this video presentation then here we go: LB8 12 inch Deluxe uPVC Letterplate.