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Z707 Victorian Scroll Privacy Door Handle

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  • Privacy door handle in a Victorian scroll design.
  • This door handle does not require a sashlock, just a normal tubular latch will suffice as you would find on most interior doors. See the Description details on this page.
  • Easy to use thumbturn grip and an egress slot on the exterior side for emergency release. Any coin in your pocket can turn the spindle if needed.
  • Sold as a pair and a universal handing for left or right side installation to doors. Bear in mind the thumbturn lock will lock in opposite ways depending on which side of the door it is fitted to.
  • Matt black finish for a high quality finish and look!
  • Supplied with coloured slot headed screws and an 8mm spindle.
  • The 5mm spindle for the thumbturn may need to be cut down to suit your door thickness.
  • Aluminium construction with a sprung lever.

Installing The Z707 Privacy Door Handle To Your Door

This privacy door handle does not require a sashlock. The locking mechanism is built inside the backplate of the handles. That means you can use your existing latch (tubular type latch).

For the thumbturn to work you will need to drill a clearance hole through the door to accommodate the 5mm spindle that is used for the thumbturn operation. That is all that is required for this privacy door handle.

Turning the thumbturn will then lock or unlock the door as the case may be.

Please note that this is not a handed handle when it comes to the thumbturn operation. If you are fitting to different sides of the door then the motion will be clockwise to lock on one side and clockwise to unlock on a different door that is hung the opposite way. Otherwise the handles themselves are universally handed so no further thinking needed on that one.

Some Tips When Fitting The Z707 Privacy Door Handle to an Existing Door

  1. Before fitting the handles mark a gentle pencil line/mark around the door to make sure that both handles are inline and square (use a set-square). Put the spindle into each handle and line up the handles to the mark you have made. Then mark the screw positions each side of the door and also draw around the hole in the handle for the thumbturn. This will help to get the centre of the thumbturn spindle right.
  2. Always drill pilot holes for the screws. 2mm/2.5mm will generally suffice. Work the screws into the door before fitting the handles and if too tight ease them a little by running the drill again. Some woods like hardwood can break the screws if you try to self-tap or even if the pilot holes are not big enough or deep enough.
  3. Drill a hole for the thumbturn spindle right through the door. It is best to mark this from both sides so you know you are inline when drilling. You can use a bigger drill as this is only a clearance hole so 8-10mm is perfectly fine and will allow some slack around the spindle if you are slightly out of line. The position of the thumbturn spindle is 37.5mm down from its centre to the centre of the main handle spindle. If you drew around the hole in the handle backplate then this should look to be be in the same position. The clearance around this spindle will allow for a drilled hole that may be out of square. That is easily done with a hand drill.
  4. Fitting the thumbturn. You will very likely need to cut down the spindle for the thumbturn to accomodate the door thickness you have as these are a one size only. Measure this very carefully as many customers end up cutting it too short. The thumbturn assembly is packaged as one piece. You will need to use the allen key to release the grub screw so the thumbturn comes off. The other end is fixed permanently to the spindle. Using a hacksaw you can cut the spindle to the required length for your door. The thumbturn spindle is designed to accommodate the thickest non-standard door thickness which is 54mm. So, if your door is 35mm thick then carefully cut 19mm off the end of the spindle. You can pro-rata this to other door thicknesses of course.


  1. If after fitting the door handle the lever sticks and will not return then revisit a couple of things. The handles may be out of line from one side of the door to the other (the spindle is pulling one way). That's a difficult one to overcome once the screw holes are in. If you are out of line by some distance you may be able to relocate the screws. It could also be the size between the latch spindle centre and the thumbturn spindle centre is slightly out. Make sure this is accurate at 37.5mm and you have enough clearance around the thumbturn spindle.
  2. If you cut the thumbturn spindle too short then contact us as we will have spares.
  3. The screw heads are 'mashed' up after fitting. You are applying too much force to the screw heads and it's not needed. You need to ensure the pilot holes have been drilled before using the screws as this will ease things considerably. Always test the pilot hole by screwing into the door without the handles to make sure the torque feels right all the way down and beyond where the backplate would be on the door.

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