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LB22 - 12 inch uPVC Letterbox

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  • 12 inch upvc letterbox for front doors

  • Weatherproof and Non-Rattle as standard!
  • Overall sizes 305mm width x 70mm height.
  • Suitable for door thicknesses ranging from 20mm to 75mm.
  • Replacement for uPVC, composite or even timber doors! 
  • Watch the product features video of a 12 inch standard upvc door letterbox.
  • Two screws supplied to suit door thicknesses of 52-57mm and 28-33mm.
  • How to fit a upvc letterbox video.
  • Typical replacement upvc letterbox questions and answers.
  • Further letterbox screws can be ordered outside of this range. Correct screw sizes must be used for your door thickness.
  • This sleeved 12 inch upvc letterbox has plenty of room and is well sealed against the elements, containing a brush seal and a rubber letter plate seal built into the plastic casing.
  • Sold as a complete box set including an integral telescopic sleeve that will accommodate door thicknesses between 20 to 80mm.
  • The external letter plate will open upto 145 degrees and contains a strong and durable spring. This avoids a rattling letterbox in windy conditions and also ensures a good weather seal against facing rain.
  • There are two fixings on this 12 inch letterbox and they are spaced at 275mm centres. The fixings are achieved by two central threaded lugs that ‘clamp’ the letterbox onto the door. Provision is also made for 4 fixings each side – discussed below.
  • Not suitable for coastal designated areas. Please contact for more details.


How to check the sizes for a replacement 12 inch uPVC letterbox:


With the letterbox still fitted to the door you can measure the inside sleeve size and compare it to this size: 250mm x 37mm with 275mm fixing centres.

The postal slot through your existing door letterbox can be slightly larger than these sizes - upto 290mm x 55mm max.


Replacement letterboxes on upvc, or composite doors, is straight forward in many respects as long as you are aware of the basics. The best way to check which size you need, or whether the chosen letterbox will fit, is to take the old one out first and measure the aperture that has been cut through the door. The principle behind a sleeved letterbox is that you can seal off the inside of the door from any kind of ingress, but importantly if you are going to replace the letterbox then you need to be aware of how large the sleeve can be to ensure it then fits through the door aperture. This video explains everything you need to know - How To Fit a uPVC Letterbox.


Fixing your 12 inch uPVC letterbox

Our 12 inch upvc letterboxes have two ports or lugs which accept a self tapped thread from a typical wood screw. Usually the aperture through the door is elongated at the end each side for the lugs to go through. This is known as the 'clamp method' and is the best form of fixing. If your existing letterbox is face fixed from each side with four screws then this is still achievable but will require a little bit of diy nouse! All you need to do is slice the plastic ports off the one side of the letterbox with a sharp chisel and then use the pre-moulded fixing positions in each corner. The moulded positions are handy as they make it easier to set a position for fixing but again they will require a little 'spot' through with a drill. If they are not required then you won't even know the markings are there!


Taking care of your letterbox

Like everything these days if you look after things they will last a long time and this 12 inch upvc letterbox is no exception. When it comes to the finish of the letter plates then all you need to remember is keep solvents and chemicals of any kind away from the surface. Just use a dry cloth to keep the letterplate clean. 

Not suitable for coastal designated areas. Please contact for more details.

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