What is a Cadenza window handle?

Cadenza window handles are easily identifiable via a protruding blade from the back of the handle. If you don't have a blade attachment then review other types of window handles first. The blade is engaged into a slot in the window which in turn pierces into the lock assembly. This is an old handle style and lock mechanism which has since been replaced by the espagnolette system on most casement windows where the handle has a spindle. The blade is usually 15mm wide and only 3mm thick but the length of the blade varies up to 48mm depending on the lock used in the window.

What do I need to measure to replace a Cadenza handle?

There are several things to check:

1. Are there 4 fixings and are they spaced from the centre at 64mm and 84mm centres?

2. Is the blade a flat blade or a slightly angled blade (2 models exist where the W40 is a flat perpendicular blade and the W62 is an angled one).

3. The blade needs to be completely flat without any cut-outs and 15mm x 3mm.

4. Handing - see the note below.

How do I tell whether it is right handed or left handed handle?

Cadenza handles that open in an anti-clockwise motion are right handed and vice-versa for left handed.

My Cadenza handle has broken after only a few uses, what would cause this?

There is a common problem between two types of cadenza window handles that are available (W62 and W40). One has a straight blade and the other is slightly tapered. If you use the straight one in a lock that is tapered the blade will try to bend and being a cast component the blade will fracture at the corner. See this illustration to show the difference.

Cadenza Window Handle Straight Blade

Cadenza Window Handle tapered Blade