I have John Carr handles but can't get them any more, what will replace them?

There are a number of different John Carr window latches but unfortunately the handles are no longer available. To replace them is still possible and generally involves trying to position the catch onto the frame where thin or rounded corners exist. In the first instance you need to measure the amount of flat land available for fixing the latch to the opener and the catch to the fixed frame. This will determine which handles could be considered. The most popular timber latch is the W28 and these come with the blocks that sit in the corner of the window allowing the handle to close tightly.

My windows have an angle frame, what window fittings will work with this?

Most of the window latches we show on the website are sent with two options for the catch, one for flat frames and one for angled frames. The angled frames are usually standard 9 degree slopes. Check the details before ordering just in case you have wrong type of window handles.

My new latches are tight when closing how do I ease them?

If your windows have a weatherseal between the frames then some latches will not be suitable as they have a shallower 'stack height'. This means the latch cannot be positioned sufficiently to ensure the latch and catch are in perfect alignment to close the window. The handle has to force itself over the catch far more than it is designed to withstand. We advise to check the Guide to window latches for timber windows before ordering as a non-weathersealed latch could fail due to the large stresses involved in instances like this. Latches for weathersealed windows are available.

My windows are narrow and I am worried that your window fittings will not fit onto the window?

Some windows are very narrow but we do provide the 'land' size you need for each handle to ensure that the handle will fit. Not all handles will work with narrow frames but you will need to check if you are worried or contact our technical team for support.

My latches are fixed around the curve of the window frame do you have anything to fit these?

There is only one latch (W76) that can be fitted to this type of frame and it is supplied with a special contoured catch that fits snugly around the rounded corner of the frame. This is a special handle and it only fits this specific type of John Carr window.

The finish has started to degrade on my new window latches, what has caused this?

The most typical reasoning behind this problem is the application of paint or varnish to the frames. It always makes sense to allow the paint/varnish to dry adequately before fitting new handles. Do not under any circumstances paint around new latches rather finish the painting without the latches fixed to the frame and then allow sufficient drying time as recommended by the paint manufacturer. Fresh paint vapour can be very aggressive and will cause the lacquer to break down on brass products and other plated finishes and start the degradation process on the handle.

I prefer the traditional styled furniture but can't find a locking handle?

Unfortunately there are few designs available although the W44 handle comes with a locking key and is the traditional wedge design latch. Details here: W44 locking edwardian latch.

I need matching stays for my window latches?

These are available in the Peg Stays section and the details of the latch should tell you the matching stay part number.