Window Handles for Timber Windows

Finding suitable window handles for timber windows is challenging to say the least, but here and amongst our various guides we aim to get you pointing in the right direction. One caveat though is not to expect too much as these handles are in decline so the options are not always that straight forward.

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Of all the window types in the UK the timber window is the most difficult for replacement handles. There are just so many types starting from way back to the time of forgers when window latches were window latches to the modern window handles involving security and operational features you see today.

This guide shows you some of what is available when it comes to selecting styling, functionality and installation. If you are going to start anywhere then you need to first establish the type of handle you need and how the window has been made. Take a look at this compatibility guide to window latches for timber windows to get you in the right place. This matrix helps you identify with different types of frames, sealed windows, wedge, mortice and espag type locks that are needed.


Casement Window Handles for Timber Windows

Casement is a term used to describe an encased frame and the timber window casement in the UK has kept fairly standard in its design over the post-war years. They all open outwards and tend to rely on a window latch approach where the latch and catch interact to pull the window in tight when closed. The earlier latches were based on a mortice slot design moving towards a cockspur and wedge fastener as years went by.When you look for a timber casement window handle these types are fairly typical of what you will be looking for.

Flush frame window handles for timber windows

A mortice type window handle for casement timber windows. Can also be used for flush frame casements. The mortice fastener is an older style of handle.

Brass locking edwardian window handles for timber windows

Typical wedge fastener found on older casement windows. The wedge receiver pulls the handle and the window in tight. This window handle is a typical edwardian style.

satin chrome locking window handles for timber windows

A modern wedge type fastener with a key lock to meet home insurance requirements. Just plant this assembly into the corner of the window.

Brown modern cockspur window handles for timber windows.

Window handle provided with a receiver for the nose of the handle to lock into. Found on more modern casement windows that rely on straight forward latches like a cockspur handle.

Period Window Handles for Timber Windows

Period timber windows are the oldest of all timber windows and display some of the most charming designs of all handles. They can go back to the 18th century when forging was first used and forged nails were used to fit the handles to the window. Nowadays the old designs have been replicated, in some cases using the original techniques, to produce a stunning and authentic range of handle designs. Shepherds crook, monkey tail, plume, pear drop and many more terms are used to describe these period window handles.

Brass monkey tail window handles for timber windows

Rat tail/monkey tail design mortice fastener found on older more distinguished period casement windows. Fits timber windows with a mortice slot.

Plume period window handles for timber windows

Plume design casement window handle used on period style windows. This window handle relies on a mortice slot cut into the window to lock into.

Shepherds crook window handles for timber windows

A shepherds crook design fastener found on the oldest of all timber casements. This is a real period look created using authentic methods and finishing for true replication.

key locking monkey tail window handles for timber windows

A wedge based period casement window handle is used on a lot of timber windows. Mounting is easy and is fitted using a wedge receiver in the corner of the window.

Contemporary Window Handles for Timber Windows

The timber window manufacturing base in the UK are all producing high quality windows these days and the window handles are no exception. Security, weatherproofing, safety and of course a contemporary design are all obvious design features of these windows. The concept of a catch and a latch is retained on these windows but in a modern form that can contain push button locking or even espagnolette multi-point locking.

Stainless steel contemporary window handles for timber windows

Stainless steel casement fastener for a true contemporary look to an older style window where a mortice slot is used. Can also fit to a flush frame designed casement. Ideal where a stainless look is required.

Julietta casement window handles for timber windows

A Julietta style mortice fastener for timber windows where a mortice slot is used. A simple and easy replacement window handle for timber windows. Adds a real contemporary modern look to a window.

Contemporary style window handles for timber windows

Push button window latch with receiver in a cockspur window handle style. These timber window handles are fitted into the corner of the window as a two piece assembly. Real modern age styling and functionality.

Modern brass espag window handles for timber windows

An increasing number of timber windows are now using espag window handles where a spindle enters a gearbox inside the window and turns a series of multi-point locks around the window.