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Z720 Knurled Lever Rose Door Handle

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  • Knurled Door Handles! Stylish and the latest handle design getting all the attention. Buy direct with no middleman!
  • Generous 53.5mm rose diameter for added coverage.
  • All metal construction with an aluminium lever and zinc rose.
  • Spring assisted lever action and a threaded rose (not push-on covers).
  • Knurled T bar pull handles now available to match.
  • Supplied with two sleeve bolts for clamping through the latch and 6 self tapping screws (3 per side).
  • Available in 4 great finishes of satin brass, satin chrome, polished chrome and matt black.
  • Matching bathroom thumbturn and mortice escutcheon available.
  • 50% off our tubular latches when purchased with this handle. See special offers section on this page.

Z720 Knurled Lever Rose Door Handle Information

knurled door handles are all the rage these days. Great looks and a concise handle grip give you something stylish and functional and what's more they are affordable. These internal door handles are made from a two part metal construction with an aluminium lever and a zinc rose. The rose is made in two parts incorporating a thread for a more stable fix (not push on cover types). The rose is slightly more generous than most lever door handles by virtue of its 53.5mm diameter compared to most that are 50mm. This larger size is great for covering over old paint lines where door handles were placed previously.

The knurled grip is machined on a lathe using a special tool that generates a consistent raised pattern. This is not a sleeve or an effect of any kind but an actual machined part and is quality checked before gaining approval. Knurling creates a non-slip grip which many customers find useful particularly those with arthritic hands.

Available in a range of colours including satin brass, satin chrome, polished chrome and matt black for a complete match with other door furniture and the most popular colour finishes searched for these days.

These door handles are sprung so extra assistance is given to the levers returning to their natural resting position. The Z720 knurled door handles are supplied with 3 self tapping screws for each side of the door handle and two sleeve bolts that pass through the door and the latch for a more solid fixing.

Cleaning your knurled door handles does not require anything special although please avoid any chemical cleaners and use only a semi dry cloth with a mild soapy solution for best results.

Fixing the Z720 knurled door handles is like any other door handle and is simple and easy to do.

Step 1: Unscrew the rose carefully in the correct direction and withdraw the rose cover over the lever. Please note that overtightening can cause the thread to bind and this will need to be released carefully if that is the case.

Step 2: Place the levers onto the door with the spindle and allow the levers to fall loosely to their true line before then marking the fixing positions for the screws and bolts. Check from the side of the door that the levers look to be inline and are not sloping or at an angle. Fixing interior door handles that are out of line can tighten the lever action causing them to stick.

Step 3: If the holes are not already in the door for the sleeve bolts you will need to drill these through (check the latch has provision for the bolts to pass through before drilling). This just needs to be a clearance hole sufficient for the bolts to pass though. You can then screw clamp the two levers to the door with the sleeve bolts first and then use the self-tapping screws to get a more solid fixing. With the sleeve bolts in place this will be easier to do. When using screwdrivers please ensure a suitable Philips type head is used as the screw heads are smaller to allow them to sit down in the countersunk positions in the rose itself.

Step 4: Refit the rose covers over the levers and tighten in a clockwise direction. To avoid cross threading the rose covers always start it carefully and release in a back and forth direction until you pick up the thread and the rose will then easily tighten to its closed position. The rose does not need to be tightened too hard as it is unlikely to loosen but if it does it is simple to tighten back again. Remember to unlock the rose thread by turning in an anti-clockwise direction.

Please note last dispatch for the day (Mon-Fri) is 2pm during the normal working week, so your order forwards on to the next day for dispatch if your order is placed after this time. Orders placed after 2pm on Friday are dispatched on the Monday.

Channel Islands: VAT is removed on the final steps through the basket and is not charged to CI postcodes.

European Deliveries are currently suspended.

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