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R10 Key Release Window Restrictor

£14.04 Exc Vat £16.85 Inc Vat

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  • Key release window restrictor

  • Heavy duty with excellent longevity and performance.
  • 150mm arm (6 inch) and a channel length of 200mm.
  • Tested to British Standard BS6375 Part 2:2009
  • Fits upvc or aluminium windows with a 16-17mm depth friction hinge.
  • Can withstand a force in excess of 1000N (manufacturers test conditions).
  • Austenitic 304 Stainless Steel for enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • Robust key supplied (one per restrictor).
  • Concealed between the frames.
  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • Please note: Orders over 100 units of this product will be treated as special order under our terms and conditions.

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How To Fit the Key Releasable (detachable) Window Restrictor


Note: If you are uncertain how to fit these type of products please consult a competent double glazing repairs company to help you.

This key releasable window restrictor is popular for many reasons but primarily for its high performance and durability. Used for both commercial and domestic windows where safety is of the utmost importance and where the use of the window extends beyond just partial ventilation and safety into regular day to day use.

The R10 key releasable restrictor is perfect for upvc and aluminium windows and some timber windows where the correct type of window hinges have been used. In domestic situations most window hinges are very similar and easily replaceable as the design of the double glazed window incorporates the same frame detail across the entire window manufacturing industry in the UK.

The positioning of the window hinge is achieved through the use of a standard channel size in the frame of 18.5mm and this is where both the hinge and the window restrictors will fit. Some upvc frames vary in design and largely because of the size of the frame and so it is possible to overset in some cases the actual position of the restrictor across part of the hinge, although not always. The way to fit these restrictors is to follow the channel from the window hinge through to the corner of the window and making sure that the extended length of the key releasble window restrictor has room to fit within the remaining frame length inside the window. Obviously the larger the window the more scope you have to position the device and of course can then also adjust the gap you need for ventilation or safety as your needs may be. Once the channel is fitted the arm can then be positioned to achieve the required gap and will then fix into the same plane and line as the arm of the window hinge. As with all things there can be some difficulties encountered on site when fitting window restrictors but most of them are down to finding the best position for the fittings. Once that is done the restrictor will work the same every time in much the same way you come to rely on the window hinge itself.

Please note: The stack depth, or height of the restrictor, is 16mm so will not work with the 13mm deep window hinges only the deeper hinge sets that have a 17mm size.


Operation of the key releasable window restrictor


Once fitted, and the arm is engaged into the bracket, the window will open to its restricted limit each and every time. When closing the window the restrictor retracts into the slide channel and the window just closes as normal. If you need to open the window to its full opening hinge position then use the key to quickly unlock the arm from the bracket and the window is free to open further. When closing the window just re-engage the arm manually into the bracket via a sprung and clip action which secures the arm and bracket once more. The key supplied with this key releasable restrictor is quite chunky and weighty so best left somewhere safe and close to the window. These keys are purposely designed for the use of this window restrictor only and so are not readily available to purchase apart from through registered dealers like HandleStore. All keys supplied with these restrictors are the same design so if you are ordering several you will have plenty of spare keys.

Please note: Orders over 100 units of this product will be treated as special order under our terms and conditions.

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    Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

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      Review by Andy Jones
      (Posted on 21/01/2021)
      Took a thought how to fit
      Lovely quality materials and UK made too

      In my windows I had only just enough room to fit given the proximity to the upvc window hinges themselves. This took me a wee while to work out the best orientation of the two fixed mounts given they appear to have a long and short side around the pivot point

      I opted to mount at the top of the window (head height for me), with the key hole pointing skywards, so that from inside the house I could more easily reach up and insert the key when I need to release the restrictor. Had I mounted the restrictor at the bottom of the window I would have had to bend down and fiddle the key upwards, plus work around more bulk of the upvc window itself

      Handlestore Technical team answered my questions very well before I purchased

      Onwards to fit an R04 restrictor

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