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R04 UPVC Locking Window Restrictor

From £13.79
From £13.79
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  • Key Locking window restrictor to suit most uPVC

  • Fully concealed restrictor design within the window.
  • Self-engaging upon closure (spring loaded arm).
  • Supplied with 2 bracket pins to accommodate different frames.
  • If in doubt try one restrictor to be certain it will fit your window.
  • Supplied with one key per restrictor (matching)
  • Instructions included along with fixing screws for uPVC.
  • Spare R04 keys available.
  • Typical questions about key locking window restrictors.


Key Locking Window Restrictor for most uPVC Windows


A key locking window restrictor suitable for most upvc windows fitted with normal double glazing hinges. A little bit of care is needed to install this device and fitting instriuctions are provided. When installed this key locking window restrictor will re-locate to its restricted position each time the window is closed. To disengage the window restrictor and to open the window fully requires the insertion of the key and then sliding the sleeve towards you. The arm can then be flicked away from the bracket pin to disengage. This key locking wndow restrictor is fitted and concealed between the two frames so there are no unsightly attachments affecting the aesthetics of the window. This device is most popular on upvc windows and is provided with two pins to adjust the engagement of the pin and the arm. Some aluminium frames can use this restrictor but please enquire before ordering to be certain.


Important notes:

  • The R04 window restrictor should be positioned to allow an air-gap no greater than 100mm (the size of a childs head).
  • Always try one restrictor first before purchasing for larger quantities.
    R04 does not provide a rigid open stay position.
  • Material: Stainless steel and Zinc Alloy construction.
  • Testing: Resists an impact of 600N outward force under test conditions.
  • Top hung windows require a LH and a RH restrictor. Side hung windows require one restrictor at the bottom of the window. Please consider all risk assessments when fitting these window restrictors to your particular application.

Christmas Delivery: Our dispatch dates continue upto 2pm on Thursday 23rd December. We will also be dispatching on Thursday 30th December to help with orders placed through Xmas, and then from Tuesday 4th January 2022.

European Deliveries are currently suspended.

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