Keyed Alike Mortice Locks Using ERA's High Security  Mortice Locks

Here we will provide all the information needed to order keyed alike mortice locks through the handleStore website! We have chosen one of the best high security 5 lever sashlocks on the market in the Era Fortress product range. If you want to order these as keyed alike mortice locks then follow our simple step by step keyed-alike process guide, alternatively read on for more information on this service.

We offer a keyed alike service for the 5 lever mortice sashlock (DL14) and the 5 lever mortice deadlock (DL16), for an extra charge of £3.99 + vat per lock mechanism. We can key-alike the DL14 sashlock with the DL16 deadlock and cut you any extra keys you require for a price of £1.99 + vat per key.

5 Lever Keyed Alike Mortice Locks in a deadlock and sashlock version.

Specifications For The 5 Lever Keyed Alike Mortice Locks

  • 5 lever British standard high security mortice lock complies to BS3621:2007. This is typically requested by insurance companies. Also meets the demands of the police authorities.
  • All mortice locks selected for this service will be keyed-alike into one set, multiple sets operated with different keys can also be ordered.
  • 2 keys sent per set of keyed-alike mortice locks as these are hand made. Extra keys are available at the point of order.
  • High security levels with a 20mm bolt throw.
  • Reinforced with two hardened steel plates in the deadbolt to resist hacksawing.
  • Both the deadlock (DL14) and the sashlock (DL16) come with hardened steel plates to resist drilling.
  • The sashlock has a latch bolt feature which is easily reversed without having to remove the lock cover.
  • 1,000 variations of keys for additional security.
  • The steel levers have false notching to resist lock picking.
  • The 5 lever mortice sashlock (DL14) is available in two sizes 63mm (2 ½") or 75mm (3"), with a choice of finishes being brass polished or chrome polished.
  • The 5 lever fortress deadlock (DL16) is available in two sizes 63mm (2 ½") or 75mm (3") and only available in a chrome polished finish.

Important Notes: DL16 - Keyed alike Mortice Deadlock With Fixings and Components

  • Only 2 keys supplied per set of keyed alike mortice locks no matter what the quantity of  locks are in a set.
  • Extra keys are only £1.99 + vat each and can be added in the shopping cart.
  • £3.99 + vat charge is a charge for every lock keyed-alike in the set.
  • Different sets operated with different keys can be added within the shopping cart.
  • Both the DL14 Mortice Sashlock 5 Lever and the DL16 Mortice Deadbolt 5 Lever can be keyed together.

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