If you have reached this page you are most likely looking at how to order mortice deadlocks (DL14) and mortice sashlocks (DL16) keyed-alike. This page will take you through a step by step guide on how to place an order for our keyed-alike service, group your keyed alikes if you require more that one set and how to add extra keys to your grouped keyed-alikes.

Step 1. Selecting Your 5 Lever Mortice Locks.

Add 2 or more mortice deadlocks (DL14) or mortice sashlocks (DL16) into your shopping cart. (Note: the DL14 and DL16 can be keyed-alike together).

Step 2. How To Access The Keyed-Alike Option.

By selecting the edit link under the keyed alike option "No" you will now have a pop up screen appear visible.

How To Order Mortice Locks Keyed Alike

Step 3. Apply The Keyed-Alike Option To Specific Mortice Locks.

The pop up screen is now visible and you can see the mortice locks you have put in your shooping cart. Select the locks to want to have keyed-alike. When you have selected the locks you want to be operated by the same key, click update and this will group your keyed-alike mortice locks.

Select The Required Locks To Be Keyed Alike

Step 4. How To Check Your Keyed-Alike Group Is Correct.

Below your shopping cart you will have a group 1. (image below) you will see the grouped keyed-alikes you had selected in step 3.

If you want to have more than 1 group of keyed-alike mortice locks, simply repeat the same step 3 process within the shopping cart selecting the locks for group 2. (not the items from group 1). When you click "update" there will be group 2 listed below group 1.

Check Your Keyed Alike Group Is Correct

Step 5. Adding Extra Keys To A Group Off Keyed-Alike Cylinders.

Keyed-alike mortice locks will be supplied with 2 keys per group, it is common for people to want to add extra keys to their group of keyed-alike locks. In the grouped keyed-alikes you will see the option to add extra keys, when you select the quantity of keys required for this group of keyed-alike locks select the "Update" tab. (as seen in the image below)

Add Extra Keys To Your Keyed-Alike Mortice Locks

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