The keyed-alike service for the DL09 and DL10 has been halted temporarily.

Keyed Alike Euro Cylinders Help Guide including How To Order Online!

  • KITEMARKED (KM559658) euro cylinders with reinforced snap resistance is an improvement on the snap line cylinder.
  • All keyed alike euro cylinders will be keyed into one set and so several sets with different keys can also be ordered.
  • A Dimple and trace security key design is supplied but remember only 3 keys are sent per set for keyed alike euro cylinders as these are hand made. If you want us to key-alike to existing euro cylinders this does not apply as one key must be paid for to re-pin and no further keys are supplied.
  • Meets BS3621 which is perfect for insurance purposes.
  • Door locks comply with BS EN 1303:2005.

    Keyed alike euro cylinders in a broken down format.

    Exploded view of the pins and the anti-snap and anti-bump features. Note the anti-snap resistance bar to protect the vulnerable centre screw hole!

    These are the key features!

    • Anti-bump resistance is achieved by special manipulative pins!
    • Anti-snap resistance is improved using a hardened steel bar.
    • Drill resistant via hardened pins that are positioned at each end.
    • Pick resistant using special pins!
    • Yale Secured by Design product.
    • Meets PAS024, the security standard.
    • 10 year mechanical warranty.
    • Force resistant, tamper resistant, torque and saw resistant.

Important Notes About Keyed Alike Euro Cylinders:

  • Only 3 keys supplied per set of locks no matter how many locks are in a set.
  • Extra keys are only £4.19 + vat each and can be added in the cart.
  • £4.99 + vat charge is a charge for all keyed alike euro cylinders in the set.
  • Different sets with different keys can be added to the cart at the time of order.
  • All locks are re-pinned to your sizes and so are non-returnable - extra care needed with the sizes before ordering.
  • Both the DL09 Yale Superior Series euro cylinder and the DL10 Yale Superior Series thumbturn euro lock can be keyed together.
  • You can add further euro locks in the future at any time - see notes below regarding Existing Euro Cylinders.

Want Keyed Alike Euro Cylinders to Existing Cylinders?

If you have the magnum door lock or the Yale Superior euro cylinder you can add extra locks to your existing key pattern in the future. You will need to pay for one key @ £4.19 + vat (this will be sent with your order) or supply us with a key - NO keys will be supplied with orders of this type. £4.99 + vat keyed-alike charge applies per lock.

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