What is Lock Bumping - The Problem:

Secretive knowledge held by locksmiths for many years is now in the public domain thanks to the internet. So what is lock bumping? Simply put it is an adapted key that can be inserted into any common pin based lock and used to bump open your door in seconds!

If this technique is used on a door with a euro cylinder then you may not realise for some time that some of your valuables have been stolen. Try reporting that to your insurance company as no sign of forced entry means no payout!

What is lock bumping explained in this exploded diagramLock bumping occurs when a false key bounces (via a hammer or similar tool) all the pins inside the cylinder to a straight line and thereby allowing the key to turn. With the right key design and practice your lock can be bumped in seconds.

Study the diagram and observe the 6 lower pins above the springs. These are all the same length and the job of your house key is to create a straight line at this intersection in the barrel allowing the barrel to turn. Weak springs and key design (not shown) allow the pins to 'jump' via vibration. A quick snatch of the key which is timed as the pins line up will open the lock.

Pin based cylinders, typically found in uPVC door locks, have no resistance to bumping so be aware of brand versus functionality as they can be two very different things. More information on a different form of lock crime is Lock snapping and this is worthy of a read too.

If you need help with how to measure a euro cylinder lock barrel or how to replace a euro cylinder then click the previous links. Thankfully solutions are available so if you want to buy anti bump euro cylinders then consider these:

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