What is Lock Snapping - The Problem:

Burglars have for some time exploited an inherent weakness with euro cylinders most commonly found in uPVC type doors. So what is lock snapping?

What is lock snapping? This is what locks snapping looks like.

Euro cylinders are by design very weak at the centre point where both the cam and the screw fixing hole meet. There is very little metal at this point!

Burglars are using simple tools to break the handle backplate to expose the end of the cylinder. By using a special tool the cylinder can be clamped, twisted and then broken in a simple action. With a special tool the burglar is able to insert this into the door and turn the locking points to open the door. It's simple and fast and is a common attack method (see lock bumping also).

Some cylinders have snap lines towards the end of the cylinder and these are not that effective as the PVC frame can be opened up to allow tools to clamp the remaining lock and arguably are still as vulnerable!

Improving the Resistance to Lock Snapping!

Exploded view of a DL09 explaining what is lock snapping

Some cylinders use break lines for 'anti-snap' but these can still be very vulnerable.  Here you can see the design of this security cylinder is made in such a way that the middle fixing hole is strengthened by using a hardened steel pin. This pin is held in by two screws from underneath the cylinder and two circlips via the grooves towards the end of the cylinder. This is a far more effective method!

Not forgetting your security keys can only be copied upon representation of your security card; this is a formidable package!

If you need any help with how to measure a euro cylinder or how to replace a euro cylinder then you are in the right place. Handlestore help guides are to assist and simplify everyday D.I.Y jobs around your home. Please follow one of the following links to buy anti-snap euro cylinders.

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