window locks & Door Locks Will Fail at Some Point

It can be very difficult to know how panicked you can be when the things you take for granted go wrong! So something as simple as a window handle breaking off in your hand or your front door lock suddenly jamming in an open position can send shivers down your spine! Most would certainly panic, there would be very little you could do if it happened late at night. So its worth thinking about scenarios like this to avoid being caught out when things really matter.

The problem with window and door locks these days is that they are too complicated and if something goes wrong there are really no easy solutions to fix them. Take uPVC windows for example, you are likely to find all manner of handles from the old cockspur window handles to the more standardised espag window handles seen on uPVC windows with multi-point locks. In fact there are many more older types of window handles and lock mechanisms and these can sometimes be impossible to replace if they go wrong. So if you find yourself in this position, what's the answer (short term anyway)? ALWAYS BE PREPARED!

It's always a good idea to make a note of double glazing repair companies, locksmiths or similar with out of hours call out services. These days you can find Double Glazing Repairs listed in the directories so do your homework now.

Take preventative measures around the home like carrying some spares like uPVC window handles or a spare euro door lock for your front door, or at least have the old ones handy in the garage.

The truly proactive amongst us can think one step ahead and here are a few ideas for them.

Fit Window Restrictors

Window Locks Window restrictors are not a security device for your window but a back up form of defence. They are originally intended to improve window safety around the home particularly where small children can tamper with the window, these can also be used as a form of ventilation. They generally fit uPVC windows or some aluminium double glazed windows and are nice and discrete by virtue of their concealed location inside the window where the hinge sits. They can be challenging to fit depending on the make-up of the frames but by and large they sit inline with the hinges. When installing the restraint you can adjust the gap you want by siting the window restictor position towards the opening corner for less gap or the opposite way for more of a gap. Recommended though that you keep this to the point that people can't reach through to take control of the device. There are more complex variations of a window restrictor available these days but a lot of simple devices that are relatively inexpensive just requiring some simple diy skill to install. One very important consideration is fitting them to windows above ground floor level as you will need to fit the bracket or pins from the outside. This is not impossible though...

Fit window locks

uPVC Frame GuardsFrame Guard Window Locks - These are great little devices for uPVC windows and basically sit on the window in a locked or unlocked form. Whilst in the house you can leave them swept out of the way so everyday use of the window is possible and then at night sweep the arm across into the push button locking position and deadlock with the key as well. Simple. The nice thing is they can also be seen as a visual deterrent so will improve window security in more than one way. There just can't be any reason why you don't have them on your window. If you want to make them a real force then we recommend you use special jack nuts so that the fixing is fully braced into the cavity of the profile. The fixings sit under the window lock so they can't be seen. A lot of people will have to use these type of devices after a break-in as the main locks on the window will have been compromised leaving you with a window that won't close or lock in any way! In that respect you can consider this a great solution for an exterior door too. When the lock breaks down just turn the Frame-Guard locks into position and what's more these devices come with packers that screw into the underside of the arm so you can get a real force on the arm to pull the door or window in tight for weatherproofing. One of the biggest reasons why people fit these window locks is when they are out of the house like on holiday but useful when in the house too when things break down!

It pays to think ahead and for such little planning and very little cost, can you afford to wait for the inevitable to happen?

Author: George Mitchell