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DL38 - 3 Star Anti Snap Thumbturn Euro Cylinder T35/35

From £30.59

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  • Securit 3 Star Anti Snap Thumbturn Lock to TS007. This Thumbturn has the added feature of push and turn to open the lock. Great for improved security and safety!
  • This lock is 74mm in length, 37/37split (32-10-32).
  • The Securit 3 star Thumbturn lock range meets the Police Preferred Specification Secure By Design and is Kitemarked (No: KM 610951).
  • Specification also includes anti-bump, anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-plug (extraction).
  • 10 year manufacturers guarantee as standard.
  • Supplied with 3 keys (not keyed-alike lock sets*). Extra keys can be added in the basket for £2.99 + vat (£3.59). Keys can be purchased on the High Street.
  • This 37 37 lock size can be keyed alike to other sizes and colours in the Securit range of 3 star anti snap locks and 3 star anti snap thumbturn locks. *Please note that only 3 keys in total are supplied for keyed alike sets regardless of the number of locks you purchase as these items are taken from the shelf and reconfigured in-house. Please review further information about keyed alike anti snap locks in our Description area on this webpage.

More Details about the Securit 3 Star Anti Snap Thumbturn Lock 35 35

This 3 star anti snap Thumbturn lock is a replacement for a size of 35/35 or an equally split 70mm euro lock barrel. Some locksmiths may refer to the size as 30-10-30 but it is still the same size. Please use our reference and measurement method which is from the centre of the screw hole to each end of the barrel.

It is possible that the euro cylinder may be slightly longer each side up to a maximum of 2mm. This should not be anything to worry about.

Read our guide on how to measure a euro cylinder or watch this video on how to replace an anti snap euro lock. Read more about the typical questions customers ask about euro cylinders.

These anti snap thumbturn locks are made from brass and available in finishes of satin brass and satin nickel. The manufacturer also guarantees the mechanical aspects for 10 years.

An important note: The size expressed as T35 35 where the ‘T’ denotes the Thumbturn side. When operating the thumbturn you need to push the thumbturn inwards and turn at the same time. This can act as an improved safety and security feature. The Thumbturn is spring loaded to ensure the Thumbturn stays disengaged.

When your T35 35 3 star anti snap Thumbturn lock arrives it will take you no more than 2 or 3 minutes to fit. Follow the video to see how to install an anti snap lock. You will only need a Philips screwdriver to install the lock and nothing more. A new screw is provided in the box but you can also use the existing one if it is still in good shape. The screw is a M5 countersunk head (5mm thread).

Securit is a growing brand for security products and this lock is no exception to the quality you can expect. This T35 35 thumbturn euro cylinder is designed to meet the 3 star requirement for the British Standard security test. This test designates 2 stars for achieving anti snap and 1 star for achieving anti bump. Both these techniques are seen as popular burglary methods to gain entry through your door.

Other features built into this model include ant-drill, anti-pick and anti-plug attacks. If you ever lock yourself out a locksmith will be challenged to get through the barriers this lock possesses so don’t lose the keys. Obviously there are some secretive methods that a competent locksmith can employ.

For customers who want to go the ‘whole hog’ and put a security door handle on your door then consider these anti snap upvc door handles. There are only a few models available as they tend to fit the more modern multi-point locks so check the replacement sizes carefully. By the way these handles give you 2 stars so you could use a one star 35 35 euro cylinder to get the 3 stars needed for the BS security test. In case you are wondering by adding a 2 star upvc door handle to a 3 star cylinder does not give you 5 stars only 3 stars. In this case it will be the handle that gives you the anti snap protection.

An important note about keyed alike* locks:

This T35 35 size lock can keyed alike to any other size in our Securit 3 star anti snap locks range and also our 3 star anti snap thumbturn locks range. This means you can have one key pattern for all the locks in your home that you replace with this range of locks. The keyed alike process is carried out in-house by our workshop technicians. The process involves taking stock from the shelves and reconfiguring them to one pattern cylinder which remains untouched. This means that as each cylinder is supplied with 3 keys they will be lost and only 3 keys retained for the chosen pattern cylinder. It is important to note that no matter how many locks you order under the keyed alike service you will only get 3 keys in total. You can of course order extra keys in the basket if you need more than 3 and these are sensibly priced.

Using our website also allows you to split the locks into different sets. This means you could have a different key for the two locks on your french doors and a different key for the front and back door. As soon as you put two or more locks into the basket a column for ‘keyed-alike’ will appear. Select this button and follow the instructions from there.

Please note last dispatch for the day (Mon-Fri) is 2pm, so your order forwards on to the next day for dispatch if your order is placed after this time. Orders placed after 2pm on Friday are dispatched on the Monday.

Forthcoming Bank Holidays: Last dispatch prior to the Queens Platinum Jubilee Holidays is Wednesday 1st June at 2pm. The next dispatch after this holiday is Monday 6th June.

Channel Islands: VAT is removed on the final steps through the basket and is not charged to CI postcodes.

European Deliveries are currently suspended.

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