6 Pin Euro Cylinder

6 Pin BS euro cylinder locks. These euro locks replace all euro locks typically found on multi-point locking doors like uPVC! They are great quality and value for money and will replace all euro cylinders found on the market like UAP, Asec, Iseo, Mila, Banham and many more. Insurance companies vary in their requirements for replacement door locks but where they ask for 5 pin or 6 pin these locks will meet this criteria. It's a no frills euro profile cylinder and the trade uses many thousands of these every day in doors sold to the public so if it's what you want and price is important this may be the lock for you. If you want something higher specification with a kitemark, snap resistance and bump resistance the Yale Superior Series lock could be the one! These have a security key and card so you can keep the details safe. Made by Yale they are truly fantastic euro cylinders and come with all the bells and whistles!

Quick Tips & Links

Measure the sizes from each end of the euro lock to the screw hole. Sizes are reversible.

Can I replace my 5 pin euro lock with a 6 pin?

Yes and they can be any make too. 5 pin locks are found on a lot of the older euro cylinders but these are now made as 6 pin. The extra pin means the key is slightly longer and that's all it is.

How easy is it to replace a euro cylinder?

Very easy. The cylinder is basically held in from the side via one screw and once this is removed all you need to do is turn the key about 10 degrees one way or another and then the lock will pull out of the door. We have produced a short video and also a pictorial guide to demonstrate the removal of a euro cylinder. Once your cylinder is released you can check the cylinder sizes and then select the appropriate size from the listing on the website.

Are your euro cylinder sizes reversible?

Yes they are. If you select a 45/50 size for example the 45 or the 50 size can be on the inside or the outside. Our sizes are measured to the centre of the screw hole each way.

What is the specification of this euro lock?

This is a typical euro lock used widely by the trade and incorporates some good features like anti-drill and anti-pick pins as standard. Made in Germany this lock is high quality and performs extremely well on a day to day basis requiring little to no maintenance (perhaps the odd drop of 3 in 1 oil should the pins become dry). If you are requiring euro locks with anti-bump and anti-snap features look towards our Yale Superior Series locks.

Can I have one key for several euro locks?

Yes you can choose our keyed-alike service and for an extra charge we will produce these in-house for you. You can select from any of the sizes and also different colours. We have also incorporated the half lock found on garage doors and French doors into the range along with a rim cylinder (DL20) which can be keyed-alike with the cylinders too.

How many keys are supplied?

We supply 3 keys per cylinder unless you order a keyed-alike set and only 3 in total will be sent then due to the re-pinning process. Extra Keys are available at the point of ordering for a small charge.

Can I get keys cut locally?

Yes any high street locksmith can cut this key as the flute design is a common standard design.

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