Is it straightforward to replace most pull handles?

It is fairly straightforward to replace pull handles on drawers, cabinets and cupboards. The most important thing to measure is the size between the centres of the two screw holes. This should fall into one of the standard sizes unless you are unlucky. Take a look at this replacement cabinet handles and this should help you select the correct one.

How are pull handles fixed to drawers and cupboards?

The back of the pull handles will have two threads, one each end, and the screws supplied with the handles will pass through a clearance hole in the drawer so that you can tighten the pull handle back against the drawer front.

What fixings are included?

You will receive two M4 countersunk machine screw fixings for a standard cupboard thickness.

Can I get the same design of pull handle but in different sizes?

That is almost always possible and in some cases there a high number of lengths that can be used across wardrobes, drawers, chest, bathroom furniture etc. If you check the details of the handles it will show the lengths available.

Any advice on finding non-standard fixing centres?

From time to time you will come across old imperial sizes like the 4 inch (100mm). You might still be able to work with that as the new size of 96mm is just marginally shorter each side on the fixing size. If you open the hole slightly and use a decorative washer on the inside of the drawer application it should be absolutely fine. In cases where the size difference is more noticeable then look for pull handles where the base of the fixing has a larger boss as this may allow you to put new holes on the back of the drawer front; the side you will see will be covered by the handle. You will then need to look at how to deal with the old holes or elongated slot.

Can you use the pull handles in bathrooms?

You can but if you think the environment is particularly aggressive then consider the stainless steel options for many of the bar handles we do.