What do I need to check before replacing kitchen door handles?

The critical issue is being able to find handles that will pick up the existing holes in the cupboard door. We suggest you measure the size between the centres of the two fixing holes and compare them against the preferred cabinet handle designs you want. The best way to do this is check the replacement cabinet handles size matrix.

Are fixings included?

Yes the screws are included and are typically M4 countersunk head screws. These are used from the back of the cabinet door or drawer.

Can I get different sizes with the same design?

A lot of our kitchen unit handles come with a good range of sizes and this allows you to complete the look of the kitchen where drawers and other types of units require the same handles. When selecting your preferred choice of handle you will be able to see the various sizes available.

I can't find the fixing centres I need, what now?

Occasionally you will have to re-consider your options if the size you need is no longer available. Some of the old imperial measurements are now no longer in production and if they are they tend to be more traditional designs. It will come down to either changing the door of the kitchen unit or trying to make good around a size quite close that relies on a little more coverage over the fixing hole.

Can these handles be used for other applications like bathrooms or wardrobes etc?

They certainly can. In fact there is no where in the home they can't be used.