In order to process orders for extra keys we take your security very seriously. We pledge that:

  • Key cutter personnel will never see the address information on your order.
  • Pin numbers/codes will never be written down or passed between two people in the organisation.
  • Key blanks will be issued by higher management to the key cutter and will be exactly the number required for the order. If blanks are damaged or are required to be replaced during the cutting process then these must be given back to the controller and accounted for. That way no one can cut extra keys.
  • If you report to us that keys are missing from the order upon receipt of the order then the whole order must be returned so the key number can be changed. This ensures that a key cannot be kept by any personnel within HandleStore.
  • Customers ordering extra keys with orders or separate additional keys must provide a picture of the key card details and the key itself. We can read the numbers from the pattern and this way we can ensure it is the correct customer providing the key as both the key and the card are in your possession.