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FAQ's DL14 Mortice Sash Locks

Where can I use this door lock?

These door locks are used on internal or external doors but because of their high security specification are good for use on exterior doors where security is important. They are used on most timber exterior doors, not PVC.

How do I measure the size I need from the two sizes available?

It's simply the depth of the lock case that you are measuring (the amount that goes into the door). Generally speaking there are two standard sizes and referred to as 2.5" or 3" sizes. Take your existing lock out and measure the lock case depth or you can measure from the edge of the door to the centre of the key as follows: 2.5" (63mm) is 44mm, 3" (75mm) is 57mm.

Will this door lock comply with insurance standards?

Yes it will as things stand at the moment. Insurance companies demand 5 lever mortice locks that meet BS3621:2007 and this Era mortice lock meets it.

What is a 5 lever mortice lock?

There are 5 levers inside the lock which makes the picking of the lock more difficult. Each of these levers engages with the key design. If you look at the key you will see there are more grooves in the key for a 5 lever and you can count the grooves to check. When picking the lock there is more to deal with to pick 5 levers than the conventional 2 or 3 lever designs found on internal doors.

Is there anything else that makes this product more secure than others on the market?

This Era door lock has false notches cut into the levers inside the lock and this will confuse anyone trying to pick it. Not only 5 levers to pick but the false cuts will throw a pick attack right off course. If that's not enough then the throw bolt has special hardened plates sandwiched into the bolt. You will see this via the black lines showing down the end of the bolt and this will stop anyone trying to hacksaw the bolt or drill the bolt in any way. These locks are also Police endorsed through the Secured by Design programme which exceeds anything required by the insurance industry.

Are these DL14 door locks easy to fit?

If you already have a mortice lock then you will generally find that the lock case is around the same size so should slot straight into the door. You need to select the 2.5 inch size or the 3 inch and this referred to as the depth of the lock case. The lock and key position is then in the same position. Study the diagram on the details page for more information. If you don't have a mortice lock in your door then you will need to chip out a cavity to accept it and if you are not DIY minded that's a job for a Chippy! The strike plate/bolt catch will need to be finished into the door frame and this may also need some DIY work.

Are the locks handed?

You don't need to worry about the handing as you can turn the latch easily yourself to the correct position/orientation by following the instructions provided.

Can I get extra keys cut?

We don't cut these type of keys but you can get them from any reputable high street locksmith.

Do you carry stock of this product?

Yes we are an Era stockist but occasionally if we do go out of stock we can replenish the stock within days. Check the green tick is showing as 'In Stock' above in the details.

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