In today's world, home security is a top priority for homeowners, and one critical aspect is securing windows. UPVC windows, popular for their durability and energy efficiency, can be vulnerable without proper security measures. In this guide, we will explore how homeowners can improve the security of their UPVC windows, the available window hardware options, and the intricacies of retrofitting and replacing window components.

Assessing Current Security Measures:

Before embarking on any upgrades, assess the existing security features of your UPVC windows. Evaluate the condition of window handles, window locks, and window hinges to identify potential vulnerabilities.

Choosing High-Quality Hardware:

Selecting robust and high-quality window hardware is the first step towards enhancing UPVC window security. Look for UPVC window handles, upvc window locks, and upvc window hinges that meet British Standards to ensure reliability and durability.

Retrofitting Window Locks:

Retrofitting upvc window locks is a viable option for homeowners looking to bolster security. Specialised locking mechanisms, such as sash jammers or additional shootbolts, can be installed to reinforce existing security features.
Homeowners with basic DIY skills can often undertake retrofitting projects themselves, though care should be taken to follow manufacturer guidelines.

Replacing Window Handles:

Window handles are a critical component of UPVC windows, and their functionality can impact security. Consider upgrading to handles with built-in locks or additional security features.
Most UPVC window handles are designed for easy replacement, making it a manageable DIY project. However, homeowners should ensure compatibility with their window profile and follow proper installation procedures.

Understanding British Standards for Espag Locks:

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has set guidelines for window security, particularly for Espag locks (Espagnolette locks). These locks are often found in UPVC windows and provide multi-point locking.
Look for products conforming to BS 7412, a standard for security performance requirements of Espagnolette locks and their locking plates. Compliance ensures a certain level of security for your windows.

Multi-Point Locking Systems and Insurance Requirements:

Multi-point locking systems, featuring shootbolts, espag rods, or mushroom-headed bolts, are common in UPVC windows. These systems enhance security by securing the window at multiple points along the frame.
Some insurance providers may specify certain security standards for coverage. Homeowners should check and ensure that their UPVC windows meet or exceed these standards to qualify for insurance benefits.

Insurance-Approved Security Measures:

To meet insurance requirements, homeowners may need to install security features approved by relevant authorities. Look for products endorsed by Secured by Design (SBD), a police initiative promoting crime prevention through design and security standards.
Implementing SBD-approved measures can not only enhance security but may also result in reduced insurance premiums.

Professional Assistance for Complex Upgrades:

While many UPVC window security enhancements can be tackled as DIY projects, homeowners should seek professional assistance for more complex upgrades. Installing multi-point locking systems or retrofitting advanced security features may require specialised knowledge and tools.


Securing UPVC windows is a crucial aspect of home safety, and homeowners have several options to enhance security. By choosing high-quality window hardware, retrofitting window locks, and understanding British Standards for Espag locks, homeowners can significantly improve the security of their UPVC windows. Compliance with insurance requirements and seeking professional assistance for complex upgrades ensure a comprehensive approach to securing your home and providing peace of mind.