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Decorators Handle – Making DIY easier!

Most of us will have seen brass interior door handles that have turned green around the backplate of the handle. I bet we all agree that this is not the look we wanted to achieve..

How can this be avoided?

Start by not fixing new door handles straight onto freshly painted doors, leave the paint to fully dry out for 24 hours to 48 hours. The vapours from the drying paint will attack the lacquered coating on the lever handles and will start the tarnishing process. So the longer you leave the paint to dry the better!

Why not invest in some Decorator’s door handles, simple plastic handles that you can use to work the door lock and can easy paint around when decorating! Even better that they are re-usable, easily fitted, and cheap and it’s also a great way for people to identify a freshly painted door!

No more worrying about people using the door when you have finished decorating, even more importantly those brand new door handles are going to look stunning when fitted!

Avoid the DIY error of getting paint on your door handles, use decorators handles!

Decorators HandleDecorators Handle in action.








Author: George Mitchell

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