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Choose cup pulls for a Kitchen with a Vintage feel

It's important to choose the right kitchen knobs and handles!

To create a kitchen look that's minimalistic and vintage, try introducing cup pulls as handles to the cabinets, an interior designer suggests.

Writing for, Joni Hilton says that it's important to choose the right kitchen knobs and handles, as they will get touched and used every single day. A homeowner's choice should be dependent on what style of kitchen they have.

Modern streamline handles are perfect for modern cabinets and the stainless steel designs go great with dark stained wood cupboards in particular. Ms Hilton adds that they're easy to grip and look very sleek and elegant. Alternatively, bar pulls work just as well. They are unfussy in their design and work well in both traditional and modern kitchens.

For people that like to add a bit of personality to their property designs, Ms Hilton recommends novelty kitchen knobs. They show that the homeowners don't take themselves too seriously and can add something interesting to plain kitchen cabinets. However, she warns that style often comes before function with these sorts of designs.

Interior designer, Rivers Spencer, agrees that easy kitchen updates, such as replacing cabinet handles, are a great idea. She notes that repainting the cabinets, adding new barstools and finding a new pendant light for above the kitchen i sland are all good ways to update a room, reports