Miscellaneous Window Spares

Double glazing spare parts. Check out these window parts, door parts and double glazing spares. Further items will be added to compliment the window accessories we can offer. Let us know what you need and we will get it for you!

Quick Tips & Links

These are just a selection of non-categorised double glazing spares found on our website.

I can't find specific parts for my double glazing on your website?

If you have used the Search tool at the top of the website and checked the website menu then use our Contact page to get in touch and we'll help you find it. If we don't have it we will try and point you in the right direction.

My upvc window locks have failed, do you carry spares?

If the upvc window lock has broken then the best way to attend to this problem is to contact a local double glazing repairs company to see what they can do to help. This is one of those products that are best left well alone and referred to people on the ground that can advise accordingly. If by window locks you actually mean window handles then replacement handles should be available.

I'm trying to improve the security of my windows, are there any easy fixes?

There is no easy fix when it comes to security. If you want to improve the security around your windows then there are lots of devices you could use such as glass vibration alarms, frame-guard window locks, hinge security brackets and locking handles with push-buttons. These are just a few items that could be easy to fit but many more exist. Contact us if we can help further.

Do you carry out a repair service?

It's not something we do but most of the hardware that we sell can be fitted by most 'Diyers' using the guides, information and videos on the site. If there is anything more involved than that then we would always refer you to a local double glazing repairs company to help you.