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Window Handles

If you are looking to pbuy window handles for the home, office or any other application then you've come to the right place! We've got old replacement window handles that will fit windows going back many decades, and that makes us probably the most comprehensive online store for window handles in the UK. 

Each of the categories below represents the main types of window handles available for upvc, double glazing or timber windows. If you are unsure refer to our Guides Section on Window Handles. Once ordered it could be less than 24 hours and your window handles are fitted, locking and looking magnificent! Trust HandleStore and let us show you the very best the web can offer - truly! Read our customer reviews if you don't believe us.

Visit our new Knowledge Centre for guides, videos and questions all about window handles.

Espag Window Handles have spindles

Window Handles for Double Glazing Espag Locks


These window handles are used on most modern double glazed windows these days and operate a series of perimeter locking points around the window. This type of espag 'multi-point' locking system is designed to operate from a spindle that protrudes from the back of the handle. When turning the handle the spindle moves and operates the gearbox which in turn drives the movement of the locks around the window to engage them and dis-engage them with the handle turn. These replacement espag window handles have spindles that can be various lengths, as over the years different frame designs have entered the market from different manufacturers. To replace handles with spindles is easy enough, just unscrew the two fixings holding the fitting to the window. One screw is under the lever and the other is under a cap which can be easily prised off. Measure the length of the protruding spindle and order the style of window handles of your choice for your double glazing.


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Cockspur Window Handles for uPVC and aluminium windows

Window Handles - Cockspur

Probably seen as the first type of window handles to be used on a uPVC casement window and the concept differed little from the cockspur handles found on a timber window. The action is simple as turning the handle forces the nose of the handle across a wedge shaped block to tighten the window. This differs from the window handles found on timber windows where the nose of the handle can close into a keeper block as opposed to closing over the wedge block. There are various sizes for cockspur window handles so the step height has to be judged carefully when replacing the handle. The fortunate thing is that the wedge blocks can be replaced to a thicker or thinner size so this gives the adjustment needed when replacing a handle with a different 'step height'. The 'step height' is the gap under the nose of the handle.

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Casement window stays

Casement Window Stays

Many timber casement windows are enhanced by the addition of window stays for the reasons of a stable and varied means of ventilation to the window. Peg stays, as they are better known, are now available with locking pins to provide a more secure open window. There are several lengths available and still referred to in the old imperial measurements of 8, 10 and 12 inch sizes. For those requiring a more contemporary design there is more in the way of integral key locking as standard but the operation and fixing is still the same. With a lot of our stays you can also match up the latches to the stay for a more complete look. By the very nature of their design they are reversible fittings so handing is not a consideration merely the size, colour and styling.

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Window handles for timber windows

Window Handles For Timber Windows

Window handles for timber windows can be a little awkward sometimes to work with as there are more variables to consider, for example, varying weatherseal thicknesses around the opener, angled, chamfered, narrow or stepped frames. The good thing though is that wooden windows can be repaired or altered easily if new fixing holes are needed and in many cases when replacing window latches there is minimal making good to do. The good old fashioned casement timber window lives on and the good news is so do the various latches, fasteners and handles. There are lots of types of timber window handles to consider for the varying designs of windows going back many decades. Our range of handles includes contemporary and traditional window furniture from the monkey tail mortice latch to the latest push button key locking handles. If you have intricate frame profiles such as the John Carr, Jeld Wen or Boulton and Paul frames we will have something for you. Angular frames are no problem too and you will see many styles of handles that incorporate the different variations for mounting the furniture to your window.

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Tilt & Turn Window Handles

Window Handles For Tilt & Turn

These window handles are for a tilt and turn which has a two-action opening and both openings are to the inside of the room not outward as the casement windows we are used to in the UK. These window handles are similar to the espag handles only a little bigger and capable of opening through a 360 degree action. The tilt and turn window is very mechanical and relies on a special hinge system. Some windows tilt before turn and some turn before tilt. This can be a safety problem as the whole of the window will open into the room and some form of restriction would be needed today on windows like this. The handle design has been developed to incorporate a safety feature whereby the handle can be locked at the mid-position to stop the window opening fully into the room without a key.

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Sash Locks

Sash Window Locks

Sash windows are a great reminder of our inventive history and where it all began as far as window design is concerned. Although more of a niche and a specialist window in the UK, the 'colonial window' can be found across many countries of the world like the US and Australia and is extremely popular there. Bringing such a period window into the modern age is a challenge in itself and many hardware manufacturers have embraced innovation to bring sash windows into the uPVC and aluminium arena. There are many styles of replacement sash locks now available with key locking, polished and satin chrome finishes as options. Whether it be a fitch fastener, brighton fastener or cam lock there are options to change, update or replace the various types of locks you will find on the sliding sash window designs over the years.

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Cadenza Window Handles have a blade

Window Handles With A Blade - Cadenza

An unusual lock that is operated by window handles known as Cadenza. Some of the very first multi-point locking systems were designed to be driven by a Cadenza blade instead of a square spindle, as the latter then went on to become the espag lock. There were two types, and even today this causes some major problems when replacing these window handles. The true Cadenza handle relies on a blade which is angled slightly as it inserts into the gearbox of the multi-point lock. Another version available on the market uses a flat and straight blade and if this is used in the angled multi-point lock it can lead to failure. Customers are advised to check carefully as we show in the details of both products which are available from the website. Other variants exist too such as the old and probably earliest Everest window but this is unique to Everest and cannot be replaced without replacing the lock mechanism or even the window.

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Cockspag Window Handles with a spindle

Window Handles - Cockspag

Window handles with a spindle and a cockspur found commonly on an old uPVC window and is a hybrid design of an espag handle and a cockspur handle. In the olden days the espag locks available were not that great so this was backed up with a cockspur design to the handle. Some manufacturers produced a cockspag handle with a round cam action spindle and these are no longer replaceable. The square design is replaceable mostly although some variants relying on special wedges and a hooked nose design on the handle are now obsolete as well. We find that these window handles are a great 'repair' handle where the multi-point locks fail and cannot be replaced this handle can be used as a cockspur handle if the multi-point lock is removed from the window.

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