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Timber Window Latches

Locking casement window latches for timber windows - fasteners and catches with key locks to meet home insurance standards. Casement window latches suitable for timber/wood windows only. The range of window fasteners you see on this webpage will fit most of the older types of wooden windows as well as new ones. We have window furniture that will suit contemporary or traditional like the monkey tail period antique fittings. We can also help you with the common fastener makes like John Carr, Titon and Arthur Shaw casement fittings. Even if you have chamfered frames or angled we have lots of casement fasteners, latches and catches and most of them are key locking. Some of the fasteners are designed with a built in night vent catch for trickle ventilation.

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  • Handles for timber windows only. Supplied as a window latch and catch assembly.


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