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Z746 Twist Lever Rose Door Handle

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  • Excellent quality lever rose door handles with a popular twist or twirl lever design.
  • Made from zinc and aluminium and an impressive quality finish.
  • 50mm rose diameter. Rose is a two part construction with a threaded ring not a push-on cover.
  • Black colour is an even matt and the two tone chrome finish is a brushed satin chrome lever and outer rose ring with a polished chrome insert.
  • Supplied with two sleeve bolts, 6 screws and 8mm spindle for most doors.
  • 50% off our tubular latches when purchased with this handle. See special offers section on this page.

Fitting Instructions for the Z746 Twist Lever Rose Door Handle


  • Make sure you set the handles square to the spindle and the spindle is not leaning through the door (one side of the door is higher than the other). This will restrict the levers from returning to their resting position when bolted down if out of line.
  • Don't screw the fittings straight into the wood, make a pilot hole with a drill. The screws can break, and the heads could damage if you don't.

Tools needed:

  • Power Drill 
  • 1.5 and 2.0mm drills
  • Bradawl
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver

Latch already in the door?
  1. Unscrew the rose from the handle assembly and take it off over the lever. Unscrew is anti-clockwise from the lever side.
  2. Put the spindle through the door and hold/prop the two levers onto the door over the spindle.
  3. If you have two screw holes drilled through the door on the horizontal line and these go through the latch, use the two long sleeve bolt screws. These will clamp the levers to the door. Before tightening up check the levers are resting square through the door. It's best to check this from the side of the door to make sure one lever is not higher than the other.
  4. If you don't have two holes for the screws to pass though then check that your latch has the holes through them first before drilling anything. If there are no holes through the latch you will need to use the other holes with self-tapping screws provided.
  5. Once the sleeve bolts are in position you can then use the other self-tapping screws to give extra strength to the fixing (3 per side). Mark out the screw positions carefully with a pencil and then use a bradawl to get your drill point started in the appropriate fixing positions. 
  6. Always drill a pilot hole and test the torque to get this right. You need some resistance but not overly tight before it reaches the end of the screw depth.
  7. Then drill a 1.5mm hole to the correct depth and try one screw. 
  8. If the screw is too tight withdraw it and open the pilot hole slightly by 0.5mm (2.5mm). 
  9. Once you get the correct torque on the screws and they are inline with the fixing positions then it is easy to carefully screw down the rose to the door. Take care not to slip by keeping a finger under the nose of the screw driver with one hand. The heads are particularly small to allow them to drop into the rose bracket so can damage easily (hence use the drill to avoid excessive torque when using a screw driver).You could also use some masking tape across the surface of the rose and door until you have finished to avoid slip scratches.
  10. Test the levers return on their springs each side of the door and then tighten the grub screw under the lever with the allan key. This will give the fixing assembly extra strength.
  11. Put the threaded roses back onto the handles taking care not to cross-thread. Tightening is a clockwise turn. Always locate the thread back and forth until you get the correct feel for the thread being inline.

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