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Z740 T-Bar Lever Backplate Latch Door Handle

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  • Modern T Bar styled latch door handles with a backplate of 155mm x 42mm
  • Great value set of latch type door handles and part of a suite including bathroom (Z742) and locking handles (Z741). See Related Products below on this page.
  • Sprung action levers for a quality feel.
  • Metal construction of zinc and aluminium.
  • Supplied with screws that are colour matched and an 8mm spindle for most latches and door sizes.
  • Slightly longer backplate allows new lower screw positions when replacing the traditional 6 inch plate handles.
  • 50% off our tubular latches when purchased with this handle. See special offers section on this page.
  • Quick questions about interior door handles with backplates.

More Information about the Z740 T Bar Latch door handles

This door handle set is designed with the more traditional square plate and a modern T bar round lever. It is part of a good value range introduced by HandleStore® and includes both the locking door handle set and the bathroom privacy set (see Related Products on this webpage to order seperately). The construction of these handles includes the materials of zinc and aluminium metals.

This latch door handle set includes an 8mm x 100mm long spindle that accommodates both the popular standard door thicknesses. The backplate is 155mm long which can help in situations where replacement handles don’t quite line up from one manufacturer to another. The bottom holes can be re-spotted slightly lower for a stronger fixing. This handle set works with any tubular type latch with an 8mm spindle.

When setting up these or any door handles it is always best to hang them both on the spindle each side of the door to allow the true line to be picked up before carefully fixing to the door. Levers can appear to become ‘stiff’ or the levers ‘stick’ and this is caused by one half of the handles being offline to the other one and acting at an angle when turned.

When using fixing screws for the first time take care to ease them into their position. They can bind or bottom-out if the shank of the screw is too wide, or the hole is not deep enough and this will cause them to snap in the door. The best way is to drill a 2mm hole to the required depth and then hand-tighten the fixing with a screwdriver. If it gets too tight withdraw the screw and then open up to a 2.5mm size. 3mm pilot holes should be the maximum size required. Never use excessive force when tightening screws for the first time.

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