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Trickle Vent Canopy

The exterior side of a upvc window vent is just a simple canopy or cover that is there to finish the slot and provide resistance to ingress of water and insects (to some extent anyway). The replacement of your air vent cover is a little more awkward as it may involve replacing the vent canopy from the outside several stories up. If you already have the sizes for the internal slot then it will be the same for the outside too and therefore you can order accordingly. You can choose to order them individually or as a set if you need the window vent as well. When you click on the pictures you will find all the information including a more detailed view of the sizes and frequently asked questions on the installation and use of the canopies. Just select 'buy now' to enter the canopy into your cart for payment. Buy Your Window Vent Canopy Here...


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  • Trickle vent canopies are individual units for the external side of the window only.


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