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R06 Tilt & Turn Window Restrictor

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  • Tilt and turn window restrictor

  • Fits any tilt and turn window handle with a 43mm fixing centre size and a 7mm spindle.
  • Arm has a series of positive hold-open positions.
  • Arm can be pushed back against the frame when not in use.
  • Stops blow-back of the window from draughts in the house.
  • Holds the window in its tilt position to avoid curtains and blinds!
  • Screws supplied for fixing the arm of the restrictor to a uPVC frame.
  • Available in white or brown colours.


How To Fit The R06 Tilt & Turn Window Restrictor


This tilt and turn window restrictor is used for restricting the tilt mode only and sits on top of the frame. It will only fit tilt and turn windows operated by a square 7mm spindle from the back of the handle. This is a typical method for operating any tilt and turn system, and is the most popular, but other types of handles and locking systems do exist particularly on aluminium tilt and turn windows. The size between the two fixing holes of the handle should be 43mm in all cases for this bracket design to fit under the handle.

Installation is very simple involving just the removal of the tilt and turn window handle from the window and placing the special pin bracket under the handle and re-fixing the handle on top of the bracket. The bracket is only 1.5mm thick so will not require the handle spindle to be any longer as a result of this extra gap under the handle. The pin will extend across the opening frame and onto the fixed outer frame where the arm can be suitably positioned to coincide with the pin from the bracket.

When the window is opened in its tilt mode the restrictor arm can be engaged to hold the window in one of 4 positions depending on the amount of drop required. To close the window the arm can simply be lifted back to a resting position.


Sizes for the R06 Tilt & Turn Window Restrictor


  • Centre of bracket (screw holes) to end of pin: 50mm
  • Base of arm bracket: 12mm wide.
  • Screw fixing centres on plastic arm: 28mm
  • Arm length from pivot point: 97mm
  • Stainless steel bracket and high performance rigid plastic arm materials used.

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