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3 Star Thumbturn Anti Snap Locks

3 star anti snap thumbturn locks with a special feature of push and turn and sold with a 10 year manufacturers mechanical warranty. These thumbturn locks meet the TS007 standard and are Kitemarked. If you prefer not to use a key on the inside then these are ideal for easy locking. Now with the push and turn feature you have more security and safety than conventional thumbturn euro cylinders. Many customers prefer thumbturn locks for reasons of arthritic hand mobility or where carers need access to the front door lock at all times - no leaving keys in the lock on the inside negating the use of the lock from the outside. Over the years thumbturn locks have been seen as a vulnerability particularly if a letterbox is sited next to the lock. Access through the letterbox could compromise the thumbturn quickly and easily. This is why the feature of push and turn has been introduced to the design of this anti snap thumbtun lock. Customers please be advised this improves the security and makes it more difficult for burglars but security is a moving target and burglars will always find new methods. If you are worried about using a thumbturn because you have a pane of glass in the door or a letterbox from where you could reach the thumbturn then use the 3 star anti snap locks instead and use the key both sides.

As an anti snap thumbturn lock with anti bump resistance you have a 3 star security lock in accordance with the British Standard security test. This means the locks have been tested against the widely used techniques of lock snapping and lock bumping. This lock goes further though and protects against drilling attacks, plugging (similar to a cork screw pull attack) and is anti-pick.

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To replace your lock just measure from the centre of the screw hole to each end of the cylinder barrel.