3 Star Anti Snap Locks

The Securit 3 star anti snap locks range is affordable and tested to meet the requirements of the British Standards anti snap test. Not only that but features include anti bump, anti pick, anti plug and anti drill as standard and the much accredited Secure By Design Police Preferred Specification. This euro lock replaces all types of cylinders found on uPVC doors and you can replace them yourself, just follow the guides on our website. We can also key-alike these cylinders to one key pattern so all your locks can work from one key. Extra keys can also be ordered at the same time for a bargain price. In the first instance just run through the sizes in the category below and when you see sizes such as 40/50 this means the internal size is 40mm and the external size is 50mm. This size relates to the distance between the centre of the fixing hole to the end of the cylinder each way. Some euro cylinders are equally sized but most are not so take care to find the correct size set and importantly ensure you get the outer (EXT) size correct as this side of the cylinder barrel has the anti snap feature (the internal side does not require this).

Anti snap locks make all the difference to your door security so don't go without. The problem is that old locks are vunerable to a technique known as lock snapping and this makes them an easy target for burglars that are equipped with just basic tools. Breaking through a conventional 5 or 6 pin lock without any anti snap resistance could take as little as 30 seconds. For those of using old locks that is worrying to say the least!

We believe this anti snap locks range offers great value for such a specification but if you want something more branded then review the Yale 3 star Platinum euro cylinder which is sold on this website.

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Anti-snap protection is on the outer side only (EXT) so choose carefully. Example: 40/50 where 50 is the outer anti-snap size.