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Interior Door Knobs

High quality interior door knobs in a range of designs and knob types for most types of doors! Our selection is growing all the time so keep in touch to see our range of new designs as they come along! Whether you are looking for period styling or contemporary interior door knobs we have an excellent range of quality door knobs to choose from including crystal cut glass door knobs which are unbelievable quality.

Interior door knobs have been very popular over the years and given rise to so many different esigns, types and materials that there are too many to mention here. Modern contemporary designs and old world period designs are just as popular as each other and here at HandleStore we try to reflect the best designs at the most affordable prices and from respected suppliers based here in the UK.

Types of Door Knobs

In practical terms you can break it down into mortice knobs, rim knobs and bathroom turn knobs. Mortice knobs are basically used to turn a lock inside the door and are typically screwed to each side of the door. Rim knobs are used on rim locks and these can be for internal or external use and basically have one knob fixed to a spindle which is the smaller one in the set and this is retained by a screw spindle and then a more conventional size door knob on the outside. Bathroom turn knobs are a one sided door knob with a release slot that can be used for emergency access and they work off the single spindle so that the door knob just controls the opening of the latch. A good example would be the black period bathroom door knob within the range of door knobs.

Glass Door Knobs

If you are looking for something with a little bit of style then you would do well to ignore the crystal cut glass door knobs which are real quality from the box design right to the finished product. They are not cheap but they exude style and class and an expensive look! There is no problem using them as replacement door knobs for most interior doors but we wouldn't suggest using them for exterior doors. Glass door knobs are also available in a plain opaque and clear design for a real contemporary look and are fixed to a solid metal rose beautifully finished in polished chrome or polished brass for real style.

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  • These door knobs are used for internal doors only.


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