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uPVC Door Letterboxes

Welcome to one of the most comprehensive ranges of replacement upvc door letterboxes in the UK. Our upvc letterboxes are a quality design with a combined non-rattle weatherproofed letterplate and available in 10 inch and 12 inch sizes including Slimline! These products are made to the most common sizes to suit old and new uPVC type doors, but can also fit wooden and aluminium doors. When selecting be sure to check all the details as there are some instances where the sleeve sizes are different as maybe the case with fixing methods. If you are a diyer then this shouldn't be too difficult to make our standard models fit and if you want a bit of class and distinction then try our deluxe 12 inch upvc letter plate.

To help you get the most from this page we have produced a series of guides and videos to help you. Be sure to check these out in our Knowledge Centre section at the foot or the head of the website in case we don't cover them here. For quick fire access to the most common read on.

How To Fit a uPVC Letterbox - An easy 2 minute video showing you how to take off the old upvc letterbox, measure and then fit the new one.

The product features of a standard upvc door letterbox - very short video showing the features you can expect.

Step by step guide on how to replace a letterbox for upvc door - useful for following the steps needed to measure your existing door and then correctly find the new one.

If you still have questions then check out this question and answer page of the most common things customers ask us about a replacement upvc letterbox and the much needed answers.

Quick Tips & Links
  • Make sure the inner sleeve of your new upvc letterbox can fit through the aperture in your door.


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