Door Knobs

door knobs suitable for all internal doors with a mortice latch. We stock an impressive range of door knobs ranging from a period design to a modern contemporary look including the crystal cut glass which are stunning in every respect! Not to be confused with cupboard knobs these are the larger mortice door knobs found on interior doors and all come in a set, or a pair, for fixing straight to the door. The 8mm spindles supplied with each knob set are the standard size you need and you should have no trouble fitting to any standard door or even some fire thickness doors too.

How To Order

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All items that are in stock and ordered before 3:00pm can be selected for next working day delivery and this includes an email on the morning of delivery advising you of the 1 hour time slot for delivery!

Quick Tips & Links

These door knobs are for interior doors only.

Are door knobs sprung?

In most cases they are sprung knobs where the spring is applied to one of the knobs. Check the details of each door knob when purchasing to be sure.

Do they come in pairs and are they handed?

All door knobs are sold in pairs for interior doors. When fitting to the door be sure to locate the sprung knob onto the door in the correct way. They are not handed as such but again check the direction of the spring in your hand before fixing to the door.

Will they fit the locks on my door?

These door knobs just operate from an 8mm spindle which is typical for most modern day doors. They work well with simple tubular type latches involving just a simple latch. When fitted to a mortice lock with a key they will be harder to turn and it would be best to firstly check the operation of the door knob by hand. If you have a rim lock then you will need a different type of door knob and these are available to order from our website as rim knobs.

How easy are the door knobs to fix?

They are very simple to fit. The process usually just involves screwing to the door from each side and using the grub screw to clamp the door knobs to the spindle. This is very important to ensure the fix is solid.

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