Are the vent canopies the external side of the trickle vent?

Yes they are and in some cases they are sold individually, or as a set with the window vent. Check the details and the picture for each as it will show whether they are included as a set or not. If you need more information about the trickle vent itself we have also produced a separate FAQ section on trickle vents.

My canopies seem to discolour and break, what can I replace them with?

This happens a lot and the problem is further compounded by getting access to the outside of the building to replace them. A common reason for breakage can be ladders placed against the canopy or just poor weathering ability on the part of the plastic. We do sell a number of aluminium canopies in different colours and these are very popular and long-lasting. In terms of fading you need to ensure that the canopies are made from uPVC like the windows as this will stand up to the elements. Some manufacturers from abroad use low quality materials and this is reflected in the low prices you can pay.

How do I get the correct size of canopy for my window?

You need to take the existing vent off the inside and measure across the slot or slots. Your canopy needs to cover these slots and be able to fix down with screws in the new positions. We have produced a size matrix for window vents so you can see all the different sizes for various vents and this will help with the canopy as they are suited with the vent.

Do I need to find the same vent model for replacement?

No that won't be necessary in most cases. It is just important to ensure the slot is covered and fixings can be achieved.

How weatherproof are these canopies?

There are some predominant weatherproofing features attributed to the design of the canopy such as the rain drip affect, insect mesh and by virtue of its face-down air entry. If you are fitting them I would also run a small bead of external grade silicone sealant around the canopy or beneath it and this will give extra protection in case you have a long canopy and it starts to bend slightly over time (consider aluminium canopies in that case). The canopies are also made from uPVC or aluminium so the weatehring and ageing ability is excellent.