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Window Handle Keys - FAQ's

Can I buy any window handle key from your range?

It's not a good idea to do that as the keys are usually distinct enough to work only with the model of the handle.

What is the best way to identify the correct window handle key?

Most of our customers tend to send us a picture on email of the window handle and we will try and identify the handle model and the correct key.

My window handle is locked and I can't open it?

There are three options to consider here:

  1. Find the key
  2. Call out a locksmith
  3. 'Control-break' the handle

Can I get blanks cut from a locksmith?

Some locksmiths can cut keys for window handles if you (or they) know what the handle model is.

What is a 'control-break' on a window handle?

It is sometimes easier to change the handle than find a new key (it can be cheaper as well in some cases).You will need to be diy 'fussy' to do a job like this but it is relatively easy. By pulling the handle towards you and turning in the direction of the release motion you can overide the keyway holding the handle locked. There is a high chance that the handle will break at its pivot point which then means you can take the base off the window and replace it. It is best to have a replacement window handle to hand before doing this but in some cases like espag handles the base of the handle will still keep the window locked until you take it off.