When a window handle breaks there is usually a sense of panic to find a replacement handle, but with so many types of windows it can be a time consuming job. So we've come up with a time saving guide to alleviate some of that panic and help you narrow down your search.

  • Start by identifying the material the window is made from: uPVC, timber, aluminium/composite or steel.
  • Describe the type of window: casement, tilt and turn, pivot, sliding sash, roof window.
  • Follow the table below with links or the advice given for further information.

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UPVC (click the link to go to the handles)

TIMBER (click the link to go to the handles)


* Espag handles may have 8mm square spindles; use spindle sleeve adaptors.

** Use the compatibility checker to assess other factors needed to replace window fittings.

ALUMINIUM (click the link to go to the handles)


*** Older style tilt and turn windows may have a fork instead of a spindle - consult a double glazing repairs company for further advice.


  • Casement window with multi-point locks? Espag window handles. (turning the handle turns a series of locks around the opening perimeter)
  • Casement window without multi-point locks?
  • Tilt and turn window?

Steel windows are a specialist area and the best advice is to contact Crittal, Basta or specialist companies like Steel Window Fittings.