What Is An Espag Window Handle?

What is an espag window handle?

Espag handles have 7mm square spindles


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So you have turned to the internet to find replacement window handles. Well you are in the best possible hands! We've been selling these handles online since 2004. So what is an espag window handle?

An espag window handle is found on most modern day double glazed windows where the handle turns a series of multi-point locks around a window. Usually they are found on uPVC but also timber and aluminium windows (more modern versions).

To put it simply, when you turn the handle a series of locks move around the perimeter of the window.

Espag handles have a spindle that protrudes from the back of the handle and these can be different lengths. This spindle locates into a gearbox inside the window and this then turns to provide a lateral movement of the perimeter locks around the opening window.

As every spindle length can be different you will need to measure this spindle length carefully to replace it with the same size.

Spindle lengths are different as it depends on where the multi-point lock system is placed inside the window. It has to reach and penetrate the gearbox to be sure it can then operate the gearbox when the handle turns.

The type of multi-point lock that can be operated by an espag handle can be in various forms like shootbolts, roller cams, claws, deadbolts or a combination of these.

Espag is a shortened term for espagnolette and is derived from the French language. It is associated with a rod type lock that is attached to the front of a window or door and controlled by a turning knob or lever. If you have ever been abroad you may have seen this as just simply a brass rod that is attached to a window via brackets and the rod shoots up or down when you turn the espagnolette handle. In fact you will see them here in the UK too where a more traditional sense of window design is adopted.

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